Sep 7, 2009

Life Ain't So Bad Afterall

Now playing; Fallout 3 on the PC. Faster than an Xbox360.

Hello everyone. It's been awhile. How's life treating you? Doing great during Ramadhan? I get exhausted easily, but overall I enjoy the fasting session XD

Sila tunggu

Anyway, since I can't blog during office hour (:block:), I channel those spare energy (of whatever left of it) to Twitter instead. It's so much easier to check on my friend's tweets, and whenever there's something that interest me, I just search the Twitter universe to check on other people's tweets.

So please check my Twitter profile too XD

Anyway, I'm taking the LRT during fasting month. Reason because I get home faster like this. Actually I already prepared a bottle of mineral water and a box of dates in case I need to buka puasa at the office, but thankfully it hasn't come to that.


It's actually not as bad as normal days since a lot of people exits the train after a few stations cause they want to go shopping.

My chances of getting a seats are higher this time!

So hopefully I am able to perform my fasting without a hitch this year. No one likes troubles kocking on their door, me included.


Ron Schlauch said...

I have read some interesting articles on the benefits of combining reiki with fasting. If I can locate them I will send you links. "The true value in food is not in the quanity and quality but in the heart of the greatful receiver. A small nibble in the stomach of an attuned spirit is a thousand times more nutritious than a bounteous buffet in the stomach of the unenlightened" (Ron's spirit guide Hitcoga..ancient princess of the Hocak Wolf Clan)

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