Aug 27, 2009

Lite and Not-So-Tasty

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa semua!

Anyway, night is the only time I can snack on food, so decided to cook Maggi Mee Tasty Lite.

Mi Maggi

You know, there's a reason for that name. The most important thing is that the taste is lite; the normal Maggi Mee are much nicer. But you know, it's not that healthy if you keep on consuming it.

Which bring in another matter; The packaging says 'No MSG added'. Makes you wonder why it's not 'MSG Free'.

Maybe because it still contain food additives o_O

Adding additive into oil may make a car engine running much smoother or whatever, but still, note to self, Maggi Mee should  notbe consume regularly. It should be rarely.

Like that will work. My mom who used to scare her children that we go bald if we eat instant noodle is now addicted to it.

Conclusion; Fikirlah sendiri! *goes back to sleep*


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