Aug 14, 2009

Conffession of a Shopaholic

What I'll do to keep a cute kitten beside me...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Anyway, an update; I'm running low on cash. *GASP!*

Previously I applied for a debit card. Later I applied for another debit card plus a credit card. I found it so convenient to pay using my prepaid-debit card that shopping has become more fun XD

Which in turns, burning a hole in my pocket. Dang.

Currently I'm trying to decide whether I should order Japan magazine from Amazon Japan or not. Need to think about the shipping and custom cost o_O If I can find service to help me then maybe I'll go for it, if the price is reasonable.

And no, my Japaneses is pitiful. All I want to do is look at pictures XP

Me, waiting for payday, signing off...


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