Jul 19, 2009


“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self. ”

Wow, 3 things in one day. All of it happened yesterday, on Saturday. First, a friend of mine is flying back to Australia on the same day gathered me and tha others to get breakfast at Papa Rich. Take note that I ate roti canai before I came. The food is so expensive o-O I shouldn't be greedy and order food...

Neverwinter Nights 2

Next, came back home and found out the game I ordered just arrive! w00t! I'm loving PosLaju for delivering my item on Saturdays XD. Also, hats off for The Software Boutique for the fast delivery XD. After buying The Sims 3, my next target was Neverwinter Nights 2. Original games really burn a hole in your pocket, so I'm only buying games that I really want >_< I'm deciding whether I should buy the pc or console version of Dragon Age: Origins when it's released...

Bon Odori festival

Lastly, on the same day, was the Bon Odori festival at Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam. My first time there, as every attemp in the past year, I had failed to attend. Oh wait, I failed to attend Daicon too... Drats.

Anyway, I had fun with my friends there. Only problem is that no one remember to bring the mat, so we all just sit on the grass. Ouch. Also, I didn't buy anything at all, not even the green tea drink that my friend bought for me o_O I wanted to buy something, but I dunnoe, the food didn't interest me so much, and the stall that I wanted to buy from had a very long queue o_O

Back at home, I stil haven't even started playing my new game. I heard that this game is bug-ridden, so before I play, I went and download all the patch. I only finsh patching the next day, which is today. Lousy connection makes it hard to patch >_<

Well, gonna take a break now. Tomorrow is working day so I better be ready for it. Can't get money if you don't work. Oh, i can't wait for payday as I'm running low on cash now...

Me, signing off.


tori said...

W00t!!.. 3 nice things happen to u on that day...>.<.. super nice~~

Reiki said...

Thankies~ XD

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