Jul 12, 2009

On The Road to Destruction

i has a melon

It's me again. Went around the shopping mall in search of cheap watermelons. Cheap indeed, with a small portion and an expensive price yag attached to it. Ouch.

I decided to apply for both a debit and credit card, because I keep forgetting that most of my money is in the bank. Remind me of one case when I was still in college; I went to the cafeteria to buy dinner, only to realize that I have only RM1 with me.

What the heck, I can't even buy a loaf a bread with that! And the atm was too far; it was already dinner time. Thankfully a friend of mine was passing by so I had to borrow some money from her. Phew~!

Anyway, back the the card. I browsed the web and decided on 2 cards. Went to the bank during lunch hour and asked the reception at the ticket counter (ah, memories of my days as a programmer...) about he card. She insists there's no such card, and even had the gall to call it the atm card.

No, I'm not blind yet! >_<

Anyway, I came back after office hour to hand in my registration form. Had to ask my friend to print it cause the printer acts funny with pdf document. That's done, off to the gym.

Oh my god, I went to the gym 3 days straight; my muscles feel like they want to tear apart, yet I think my fats are taking it easy. In fact, I think the 3-consecutive days at the gym was nullified due to a Kenduri on weekends.

Moral of the story; I am not progressing at all!


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