Jul 31, 2009

Lost During Transmission

It ain't my week, I tell ya.

So other than succumbing to illness this week (prays hard it's not H1N1), the local banks had manage to tick me off. Let's proceed with the least damage.

So I applied for a card from CIMB. After waiting for 14 working days, which is like, almost 3 weeks, I called up their support centre asking about the status on my card application. Turns out that is already been approved and ready to be collected o_O

Aiyo, how come nobody tell me one? The staff said that a mail was sent out a week before. To date, I have yet to receive it.

Pray tell history is not repeating itself. This one happens before I went to college. *rewind*I opened a savings account, but after a while, I did not get my ATM card. Went to a bank branch to enquire. Turns out that my address in the system was totally wrong! o_O

But get this; address stated in my savings account book is correct >_<

I think this shows that along the way, CIMB tend to lose part of its data during communication. And I strand true, because *fastforwardtotoday* when I went to pick up my card, the officer in charge told me that my card 'ditarik balik' (pulled back) and I can't collect it at said branch.

What the heck? I just call your card centre and they said I can!

It seems that at the branch's system it stated that my card was pulled back. Make another call to confirm that I am indeed correct, then only the officer went and search for the physical card.

So in the end, I was finally able to collect my card. Yeah~

Now to find what to buy with it...


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