Jul 31, 2009

Lost During Transmission

It ain't my week, I tell ya.

So other than succumbing to illness this week (prays hard it's not H1N1), the local banks had manage to tick me off. Let's proceed with the least damage.

So I applied for a card from CIMB. After waiting for 14 working days, which is like, almost 3 weeks, I called up their support centre asking about the status on my card application. Turns out that is already been approved and ready to be collected o_O

Aiyo, how come nobody tell me one? The staff said that a mail was sent out a week before. To date, I have yet to receive it.

Pray tell history is not repeating itself. This one happens before I went to college. *rewind*I opened a savings account, but after a while, I did not get my ATM card. Went to a bank branch to enquire. Turns out that my address in the system was totally wrong! o_O

But get this; address stated in my savings account book is correct >_<

I think this shows that along the way, CIMB tend to lose part of its data during communication. And I strand true, because *fastforwardtotoday* when I went to pick up my card, the officer in charge told me that my card 'ditarik balik' (pulled back) and I can't collect it at said branch.

What the heck? I just call your card centre and they said I can!

It seems that at the branch's system it stated that my card was pulled back. Make another call to confirm that I am indeed correct, then only the officer went and search for the physical card.

So in the end, I was finally able to collect my card. Yeah~

Now to find what to buy with it...

Jul 29, 2009



A very simple title. I've been unwell this past few days. I really hope I get well soon, cause PCFair is just around the corner >_<

Will make a shopping list after getting well*cough!*

Jul 19, 2009


“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self. ”

Wow, 3 things in one day. All of it happened yesterday, on Saturday. First, a friend of mine is flying back to Australia on the same day gathered me and tha others to get breakfast at Papa Rich. Take note that I ate roti canai before I came. The food is so expensive o-O I shouldn't be greedy and order food...

Neverwinter Nights 2

Next, came back home and found out the game I ordered just arrive! w00t! I'm loving PosLaju for delivering my item on Saturdays XD. Also, hats off for The Software Boutique for the fast delivery XD. After buying The Sims 3, my next target was Neverwinter Nights 2. Original games really burn a hole in your pocket, so I'm only buying games that I really want >_< I'm deciding whether I should buy the pc or console version of Dragon Age: Origins when it's released...

Bon Odori festival

Lastly, on the same day, was the Bon Odori festival at Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam. My first time there, as every attemp in the past year, I had failed to attend. Oh wait, I failed to attend Daicon too... Drats.

Anyway, I had fun with my friends there. Only problem is that no one remember to bring the mat, so we all just sit on the grass. Ouch. Also, I didn't buy anything at all, not even the green tea drink that my friend bought for me o_O I wanted to buy something, but I dunnoe, the food didn't interest me so much, and the stall that I wanted to buy from had a very long queue o_O

Back at home, I stil haven't even started playing my new game. I heard that this game is bug-ridden, so before I play, I went and download all the patch. I only finsh patching the next day, which is today. Lousy connection makes it hard to patch >_<

Well, gonna take a break now. Tomorrow is working day so I better be ready for it. Can't get money if you don't work. Oh, i can't wait for payday as I'm running low on cash now...

Me, signing off.

Jul 12, 2009

On The Road to Destruction

i has a melon

It's me again. Went around the shopping mall in search of cheap watermelons. Cheap indeed, with a small portion and an expensive price yag attached to it. Ouch.

I decided to apply for both a debit and credit card, because I keep forgetting that most of my money is in the bank. Remind me of one case when I was still in college; I went to the cafeteria to buy dinner, only to realize that I have only RM1 with me.

What the heck, I can't even buy a loaf a bread with that! And the atm was too far; it was already dinner time. Thankfully a friend of mine was passing by so I had to borrow some money from her. Phew~!

Anyway, back the the card. I browsed the web and decided on 2 cards. Went to the bank during lunch hour and asked the reception at the ticket counter (ah, memories of my days as a programmer...) about he card. She insists there's no such card, and even had the gall to call it the atm card.

No, I'm not blind yet! >_<

Anyway, I came back after office hour to hand in my registration form. Had to ask my friend to print it cause the printer acts funny with pdf document. That's done, off to the gym.

Oh my god, I went to the gym 3 days straight; my muscles feel like they want to tear apart, yet I think my fats are taking it easy. In fact, I think the 3-consecutive days at the gym was nullified due to a Kenduri on weekends.

Moral of the story; I am not progressing at all!

Jul 5, 2009

Can't Fit!

“We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time”

I�s in Ur Gym Swetin To Tha Oldiez

Argh, I forgot to post again! Anyway, moving on... These few days I registered myself with a gym. Konon-lah nak stay fit!

As if.

Well, when I arrive one day with just 1 hour to do my exercise when I realize something was missing; I left my mobile phone in the office!


Run back to the office to get it. Then came back to the gym's changing room. I left my stuff in my friend's locker. So I went round and round searching for her. More minutes of the clock.

By the time I got everything settled down, it's time to go back home and catch the train. Drat.

I must be more motivated in my quest to become healthy and fit!