Jun 27, 2009


I've been  working at my new workplace for a week now. It's further than my last's job, so I have to travel quite a bit. Sometimes I ride car, sometimes I ride public. I use 2 public transport services; One is the LRT, the other one is the KTM Commuter.

This rant is about KTM Commuter.

After work, I try to catch one of the commuter train, usually the 6.03p.m. train. Lo and behold, they canceled it >_<

They canceled the train on Friday. Great. Waitwaitwait then only another train comes by. Unfortunately, it's too jam packed, so I can't get in. Wait some more for the next train. Arrive home late >_<

Skips a few days later. I think it was on Wednesday maybe. Again, the train that's supposed to arrive on 6.03p.m. was canceled yet again. Rinse and repeat. I arrive at my destination at about 8p.m. in the night o_O

I can't believe the company. If I'm not wrong, they start their operation with 60plus trains. Now, 2009, the have like only 20plus operational.

What happened to the rest?

Also, I can't believe a company that have been in service for more than 10 years can't handle such thing. Don't they do prediction? Like, how long a certain commuter train can last? They say they've bought new trains, but when will it arrive? 2010?! Come on-lah!

I have't gotten enough sleep lately. Most of my time are spent in the office. Spending more than 30 minutes waiting for the public transport doesn't help much.

I wish the public transport will improve...


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