May 8, 2009

Who Move My Cheese?!?!

"Kill the body and
the head will die."

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That aside, at first I wanted to post some unlucky story about myself and yesterday, but it looks like I'll have to extend it till today.

Just now, I was so angry that I've forgotten what happened yesterday. I only remembered that there was a truck blocking my way home, so I had to take another route, which was jam-packed. Why can't people ever learn not to sop inside the yellow box?! Demmit!

Last week I bought 6 cheese sausages. I like cheese. A lot. Reason why I bought them.

But my little brother also likes them. So he went and ate 4. Yes, 4. The unlucky number.

So left 2. Because of what he done, I decided to eat the next day, which is today.

Lo and behold, my older brother was hungry so he went and ate the leftovers. He probably thought that I had already eaten the others.

So let see, that left me with... You guess right, Nothing!!!

You know, as programmer, I need to write application to retrieve records. So I always write a test program to check whether the retrieval was successful or not. Something like this;

Sub TestCheese()
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim objCheeze As EFood.CCheeze
Dim i As Long
Dim msg As String

For i = 0 to 99
Set rs = objCheeze.RetrieveCheeseSausages

If rs Is Nothing Then
msg = msg & "Out of sausages"
i = 0
msg = msg & "Sausages found"
Call CookAndEatCheeseSausage(rs)
Exit For
End If
Next i
End Sub

Oh dang, I want my cheese... *goestoplayOverlord*


Ching-y said...

Hahahahaha. i can imagine ur facial expression!! Rofl...

reiki!! i mish uuuuuuuuuuuu!! XOXO

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