Apr 15, 2009

Upping Up the Game

Focus! Is the key...

Baby Dina playing games

You know, she's the reason why I have even less time to play games. The fact that I need to babysit her after i finish work, and also the fact that she had taking a liking to the Overlord's minion.

Oh well, as long as she stays cute!

And please. Please, TMNut, stop going nuts!

I miss my games...

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tori said...

Hohoho.. little overlord's minion..xD.. chumelnya

Reiki said...

Betul2 Sangat chumey~


Farah Syazana said...

yeay! nti die smbut besday 1st , sambut ngn aku skalik tau. umo aku 23..uwa..x caya lak!

Reiki said...

Ko bukan terbalik 2 ngan 3 tu k parah?

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