Apr 5, 2009

I Can’t Fly

I can't play FlyFF because of server maintenance. Demmit!

FlyFF in-game screen

I can't fly. I can't hit a monster properly either

So we finally bought a wireless usb adapter, so no more arguing over the modem ownership, except that my brother is a lousy admin.

He locked himself inside his room with the modem(he didn't take the router with him. Now I wonder why? *sarcasm*) and ignores every knocking made on his door. He'll only open it if he hears bigger bro or dad's voice. He spends so much time sleeping, he should use be the one using the adapter instead.

He also refuse to answer my knocking when I wanted to check why in the world I can't ping Google. He won't open the damn door and I have to ask him to check the router through the door.


Anyway, I can't play MMOs. And X0 doesn't have much games either. Not my taste. Sure, I still have a few unfinished games on the Silver and Shiro-chan, but... I haven't played MMOs and console games for a while. I wanna play them~ X3

But I can't. Because TMNuts went bonkers yet again. They say a circuit or something is faulty or whatever, but I think the "A staff got an April Fool email and open it, and all hells break loose, infecting the system," scenario is more plausible. You can see how much service interruption due to circuit fault is happening.

I wonder what happened to the "Billion-ringgit boost for broadband" plan they had last year?

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tori said...

ohh.. this game... kinda nostalgic.. long time havn't play....lol

bablih said...

i ♥ flyff.. hehe

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