Apr 27, 2009


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I wanna complain about KFC. Goodness gracious how quality has sink. I went to two outlet and both also have only 2 staff serving the customer. Was the fast food resturant hit that bad by recession?

And goodness, with just 2 staff, the waiting time and serving time is too long. I was so steamed about the whole day that I vented it out by writing a love letter to KFC, saying how much I love to not love it anymore.

Come on-lah, you've already increase price,shrink portion size and reduce spices. The fact that I can eat Hot & Spicy is an insult to all spicy food in the world. And this is coming from someone who does not put any sambal in their nasi lemak!

Blah, I'm so stressed out, I'm venting on the chocaltes inside the fridge after this.


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tori said...

Go complain make the complain.. u hav the right to do so!

serena said...

The thing about fast food is that everything shrinks but the price. bahhhhhhh!

Reiki said...

I agree~

Can you believe how small McD's mudpie was?!

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