Apr 26, 2009

Come and Go

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I am dead tired.

I'm the homely type. I stay at home most of the time doing absolutely nothing. I thrive in laziness, I worship peace.

So when I am tasked to chaperon people on Saturday and Sunday, I died a little bit inside...


Well, okay, maybe just a few cell died, like those inside my foot. Anyway, my relatives came to visit on Saturday. So I brought her and lil bro around the mall. On the next day, which is Sunday, if you're not following, I escorted our house helper to another mall. She wanted to buy some gift for her family.

Of course, the adventure start roughly, starting with my father parking his car behind the one I'm using. What am I supposed to do during an emergency? Ram his car?! But it's a heavy duty car, so that's not possible.

Thankfully, he left his keys, so I had to moved his car. Queue in lots of whining while talking with daddy and mission accomplish.

I worked on weekdays and alternate Saturdays. It just so happen to be that Saturday. Why oh why does it need to be this weekend? I mean, I have and older brother who is at home most of the time yet no one asked him to do these!

It is no wonder that his playtime in Overlord is longer than mine.

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tori said...

Is good for u to exercise during weekends, rather lazying around in the house..XD

Reiki said...

but I like being lazy! TwT

tori said...

*evil grin* I'll disturb the peace of yours during weekend.. hehehehehe

Reiki said...

mentang2 exam dah abis XP

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