Mar 2, 2009

Too Much Carbon

Lama ko tak update blog ko.

Is what a friend of mine said. And its very true. Why? Because I am still frikkin jobless!!!

It's depressing.

But then again, it ain't stopping me from enjoying what little life I have left, like playing games, watching anime and eating good food.

Speaking of food, me and my mom had found a treasure called Asian Food Channel. She started buying Saji magazine and looking through recipes. One of them are Carbonara Spaghetti.

Yeah, nothing else interesting to see here. If there was any, I would have forgotten about it anyway.


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chicz said...

carbonara.... my favourite! nyummmy2

Farah Syazana said...

ko msk ke mak ko msk neh??

ayunie said...

Mustahil la nad yg masakkkkk
Pengsan jejake2 okay!

Reiki said...

Argh, komen ada membuatkan ku no comment =_=

Ku cuma sediakan bahan ikut buku recipe, pastu yang masak/campuradukkan bahan mengikut buku recipe adalah makku XP

Sam said...

I love carbonara - absolutely heart it to bits.

I want!

Reiki said...

I love carbonara too~!

Actully, I like alfredo better, but carbonara ish goo too! X3

Anonymous said...

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ShaEimaN said...

masak la
sure nnt yunie terpegun
tros die pinang ko

lynette said...

I mau malaysian food! courier them here! i give u my address!!

Reiki said...

@sha: Hehe, nak masak carbonara nie, mahal seh bahan dia XP

@lynette: Im showing italian food and you want malaysia food XP also, i dont think the food will tahan till it reach you XP

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