Mar 13, 2009

Never-ending Story

Study till you drop.

WHat I did for the week

The above holds very true. I've been going for a work tryout this week. I need to take a few test for them to see whether I am suitable with the job not. Frankly speaking, I do not think I'm suitable.

It's sho hard!!!

On the first day I took some test on standards they use for writing Visual Basic programs. I am 100% sure that I did NOT write VB as one of my programming language. I am ABSOLUTELY SURE I did not put VB in any part of my resume.

So now they want me to learn from scratch how to code in VB. G8.

I did SQL too, which, even with basic knowledge, still manage to make me shed pitiful tears. I spend more than two hours trying to figure out why my records keep repeating itself.

After a grueling googling I finally found the solution; No need to use CAST or SUBSTRING and the like; Just put the aggregate function at group by.

I feel so stupid

I guess this is divine punishment for not studying seriously during college. Man, I suck big time. I might as well stay at home and tanam anggur that will never bear fruits.

Baby Dina with books
For a better future, start fast!


Sam said...

I have no idea what you just said. LOL.

It must be a programmer's thing. :P

Reiki said...

' Return True *strike*if*strike* user is stupid
Public Function GetIQ() As Boolean
Dim lngCurrentIQ As Long

lngCurrentIQ = Reiki.CurrentIQ

If IsStupid(lngCurrentIQ) = True Then
GetIQ = True
GetIQ = True
End If

End Function

peeja said...

sian nad..penin2 pale die wat mende tuh..hehe..

nad yakin boleh..

p/s:teringt ko slalu cukup perkataan ni kt aku kalu aku xreti wat keje .."Berusaha Pizza"

peeja said...

kalu kesilapan di situ

p/s:teringt ko slalu *cakap perkataan ni kt aku kalu aku xreti wat keje .."Berusaha Pizza"

FuNNa said...

x lah..ko suitable je nad ng keje tuh..sbb dlu ko la programmer ktorg..keh3..slalu susahkan idop ko sbb ktorg xreti..pastu brebut nk grup ng ko..haha..ganbatte Nad!!!

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