Mar 26, 2009

Long Way to Go

Fetch me a bucket of time.

Fetch Quest
Where did all the fun time go? I can't find enough time to goof around >.<

I'm out of the house most of the time due to work, yet that brother of mine just can't understand it; Can't he use the pc when I'm not at home? like, when I'm working? No, he needs to use the pc when I want to use it, or when I don't want to be bothered by him.

And remember to turn off Silver and the air-conditioner in your room!

Again, working as a programmer ain't easy. I needed more than a day to write, test and debug a simple program that was even provided references (read: CopyPaste).

Stop phailing, me!

On coding and eventing, I created a simple Fetch Quest in my game created using RPG Maker VX. In 3 days I revise it till it reach version 2.5 XP. I did version 3.0, but I wrote it in Notepad while in the office.

And I can't remember what I wrote, demmit!

Yes, I whine about not having enough time, but right now I'm trying to download Flyff. A co-worker of mine is playing it too, so I thought I try it out. I think I like cutesy games like this more than, say, CabalSEA.

Which reminds me, I still have tons of game I need to finish. I'm putting games on Facebook on the lower end of the list, just before 'Life Responsibilities' entry.

RPG Maker VX custom materials used. Credit goes to;

Mar 24, 2009

I’ll Break It

I won’t mind eating this more than 3 times a week. I love having fried bee hoon in the morning. Couple it with my favorite snacks, like sausages or nuggets, and I'm good to go for the day!

Unless it means going to class or work. You can bet my head will hit the table before afternoon.

So me and my mom went to Indonesia for, say, 5 days. Trust my mom to join a shopping trip. Yeah, the stuff are cheap, and some are even nice, but please, I'm a human, not a robot. I definitely don't want to exhaust myself physically so much.

But who am I kidding with? Mom rarely listen to me. This trip proves it!

Since I started trying out work(it's called a tryout-da), I've been spending around 9 hours in the office. Yes, a friccken 9 hours. More than the recommended sleep time. And we work on alternate Saturdays too! o_O

Thank goodness for half-days.

Anyway, I am still not good with Visual Basic. I think I rather spend my time mulling over SQLs and RPG Maker VX. Which reminds me; I created a flowchart for an event in the game and I haven't implemented it yet.


Mar 13, 2009

Never-ending Story

Study till you drop.

WHat I did for the week

The above holds very true. I've been going for a work tryout this week. I need to take a few test for them to see whether I am suitable with the job not. Frankly speaking, I do not think I'm suitable.

It's sho hard!!!

On the first day I took some test on standards they use for writing Visual Basic programs. I am 100% sure that I did NOT write VB as one of my programming language. I am ABSOLUTELY SURE I did not put VB in any part of my resume.

So now they want me to learn from scratch how to code in VB. G8.

I did SQL too, which, even with basic knowledge, still manage to make me shed pitiful tears. I spend more than two hours trying to figure out why my records keep repeating itself.

After a grueling googling I finally found the solution; No need to use CAST or SUBSTRING and the like; Just put the aggregate function at group by.

I feel so stupid

I guess this is divine punishment for not studying seriously during college. Man, I suck big time. I might as well stay at home and tanam anggur that will never bear fruits.

Baby Dina with books
For a better future, start fast!

Mar 9, 2009

Hati Remuk

Title Inggeris tapi nak type Bahasa&campur2-lak.


Baru-baru nie hati ku tersangat remuk. Geram gila. Tak ku sanggka akan menjadi begini. Sakit hati sungguh sampai ku complain kat ibubapa ku.

Bumbung bocor

Argh, naper bocor tepat2 kat atas katil?! Ku suka tidur waktu hujan! Sekarang tak leh nak tidur waktu hujan!


Sekali tu nak transfer file. Tak tau mana silapnya, punyalah lama nak transfer. Bukannya besar snagat. Nak burn DVD 4gig kebawah pun tak selembap nie...

File transfer

Lagi satu, ku masih tak berduit. Nak beli monitor baru, nati leh dapat screen estate yang lebih besar. I can also hook up XO t o it! No more figthing with my brothers and mother over the TV! Yeah!

LCD Monitor yang rosak

Nak carik ais-krim-lak...

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Mar 2, 2009

Too Much Carbon

Lama ko tak update blog ko.

Is what a friend of mine said. And its very true. Why? Because I am still frikkin jobless!!!

It's depressing.

But then again, it ain't stopping me from enjoying what little life I have left, like playing games, watching anime and eating good food.

Speaking of food, me and my mom had found a treasure called Asian Food Channel. She started buying Saji magazine and looking through recipes. One of them are Carbonara Spaghetti.

Yeah, nothing else interesting to see here. If there was any, I would have forgotten about it anyway.


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