Feb 10, 2009

After 3

LOLCat: Will sleep for food
Went through 3 scary days. Went to KL on Wednesday with my friends to report for duty. Oh my goodness, I had to ride the KTM wearing painful shoes! There were no empty seats so had stand all the way o_O
Also, for every floor we need to go to, we need to keep changing pass to be allowed to enter. Add with the fact that we have no idea how to get around the building, we keep getting into the wrong lift and floor.
Maybe they should provide a map or something to visitors =_=
That day finish, my feet hurts. A lot. Anyway, on the same day I receive a call asking me to come for an interview. Oh dang. I made a mistake and ask to set it to tomorrow.
Biggest mistake; I need to take a small quiz/test and I couldn't answer it! Even if the questions were oh-so-simple!!!
Note to self; do your homework first! Okay, that was Thursday. The next day I need to go for another interview. Oh dang this is sho hard. At first the interview was supposed to start at 12pm, but postpone to 2.30pm. I need to be there by 2. Well, fine, go grab lunch first.
Only after lunch I wasn't allowed to go upstairs; lunch hour. Oh dang, that never occur to me >_< . So I was stuck below until 2.30pm.
Thankfully, the interview did not start on time, so I was safe X3 Talktalktalk then go back home~
Well, okay, the interview didn't go so smooth. I keep messing it up I wanted to throw myself out of the window, but that's not possible.
I still haven't finish playing so many games yet.
I hope it'll be okay. I want a job so I can earn a living and stop being a parasite to my parents. XP


Ching-y said...

so u r working now?? i'm confused @_@

wani said...

nad, blog aku da tuka url..
pls change ko nye link eh..tq :D

Reiki said...

Not yet~~~!!

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