Jan 13, 2009



Finally! My phone is finally release from the hospital!

Oh joy!

Ma phone has been out of commission for more than a month. It all started when the college’s network went down the drain, as usual. I need to talk with my supervisor about my final year project. Wanted to send him an email. Then my phone suddenly broke down while writing said mail.


Anyway, took a month for it to fix. But I resend it again cause the OS was acting wonky yet again. So I have to wait another 2 weeks o_O

Urge to kill, rising...

So today, I finally fetch my phone from the hospital. Oh my dear, how I miss youSo now I have inserty back all those contacts, games and apps again into the phone.

The good thing about it? Nokia finally release NGage for the phone XP


Ban said...

Goodness! I don't know how I'd live without my phone for that long.

Anonymous said...

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