Jan 9, 2009

Jan 09 Calling

Jan 2009 Desktop

Currently my back hurts, from babysitting. Children can give people accidents...

Anyway, for 2009, though I still can't get a new computer, I decided to reformat my pc. I've nevver formated my pc bfore, cause I took such good care of it, it had never failed me XP

Jan 2009 Desktop - My Computer Jan 2009 Desktop - My Folders

But junks were culminating inside and I was running out of space in C:\. So it was time to say goodbye~

Well, not really. It took me at least 3 days to back-up most of the data, which, I found out when I was transferring some after the clean install, was mostly junk.

I still to do some cleaning... *sigh*


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