Jan 12, 2009

It’s That Time Again

Classified chicken from Domino’s. This time I tried out ordering online instead of calling them. Again the reason Domino’s was chose because they had promotions; 3 regular-size pizza for RM 45.


Today baby Dina is in a bad mood, because she has sore throat. The poor little thing feels uncomfortable. Hope she gets well soon~


chicz said...

auww sedapnya! semalam pun aku makan dominos. tapi amek yang 2 regular for rm30, then add on chicken wings and garlic bread. oh sedapppnya~

Reiki said...

Owh bestnyer. Family ku 3 regular pun x cukup lagi >_< Bab tu xorder chicken wing TwT

HidayahSham said...

hoho..sedap tu.mau satu nad!sile deliver ke umah aku skali..bole ka?

Reiki said...

Bolehboleh. Kasi duit & address ku dialkan DOminos untukmu~

p.s. Sila sediakan wang yang mencukupi+20% commisen X9

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