Jan 3, 2009


Ninja from Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Oh dang, only 4 post in December. I've gotten too lazy >.< Anyway, lets just jumble  everything in 1 place;

New Year
Yes, Happy New Year everyone~ For me, I already invited Awal Muharam earlier. Went to The Manhattan Fish Market at Sunway Pyramid for dinner with fellow friends. Due to New Year, all the menu change to set style, which, to me, is sho much more expensives XP

Manhattan Fish Market New Year Dinner - Main Dish

Manhattan Fish Market New Year Dinner - Dessert

Oh, did I tell u guys about walking all around the mall to find ATMs and restaurant? Chingy jinx us all so we went back to Manhattan.

Monitor On Fire!!!
My BenQ FP71G LCD monitor fried. I was busy writing resumes. Which is not a sin!!!

Now I'm using an older and smaller monitor with my computer. I'm running low on money so I can't replace what I lost.


Well, if I could replace it, I might as well get a new rig. I've been talking about trying to save enough money to buy a new rig, but sadly no.

I failed.

What I Remembered
I don't remember anything else. I've been spending my time babysitting in the morning and playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy in the evening, doing bad at both job.

Well, that's all for my 2009 post. I'm too depress about low cash right now, so I'm going to continue playing games and stay in denial.


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