Jan 26, 2009

Deep Inside


Aren't you curious of what's inside...?

Beef Burger Ramly Double Special With Cheese~

It is both ugly and beautiful at the same time. It's very messy, with, as you can see, the sauve flooding the wrappings. But, ZOMG, it taste GODLY!!!

Also, I found out that my mouth ain't big enough for it...

… I need to check my cholesterol after this…

Soto Johor

Too bad it's gone now...

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Jan 13, 2009



Finally! My phone is finally release from the hospital!

Oh joy!

Ma phone has been out of commission for more than a month. It all started when the college’s network went down the drain, as usual. I need to talk with my supervisor about my final year project. Wanted to send him an email. Then my phone suddenly broke down while writing said mail.


Anyway, took a month for it to fix. But I resend it again cause the OS was acting wonky yet again. So I have to wait another 2 weeks o_O

Urge to kill, rising...

So today, I finally fetch my phone from the hospital. Oh my dear, how I miss youSo now I have inserty back all those contacts, games and apps again into the phone.

The good thing about it? Nokia finally release NGage for the phone XP

Jan 12, 2009

It’s That Time Again

Classified chicken from Domino’s. This time I tried out ordering online instead of calling them. Again the reason Domino’s was chose because they had promotions; 3 regular-size pizza for RM 45.


Today baby Dina is in a bad mood, because she has sore throat. The poor little thing feels uncomfortable. Hope she gets well soon~

Jan 11, 2009

Dummy Test

funny pictures
Exam result just came out. I am oh so doom…
By the way, this is just a test post, to test out Windows Live Writer. Just installed it together with Windows Live Messenger. These 2 won’t make me drop out DIgsby or Scribefire, for now.
Now I have to go and search how to add Blogger’s labels here…
I’m a curious little thing that just wanna try out new stuff. That's why I installed Norton Internet Security 2009 instead of Eset Nod32. Read praises on Norton. Looks like the company finally listened to the people as this version improves a lot. The installation file ish-oh-sho small o_O
Unlike Windows Live. That was long. I thought I downloaded the Messenger. Serves me right for not reading the fine print XP
Reiki, signing off~

Jan 9, 2009

Jan 09 Calling

Jan 2009 Desktop

Currently my back hurts, from babysitting. Children can give people accidents...

Anyway, for 2009, though I still can't get a new computer, I decided to reformat my pc. I've nevver formated my pc bfore, cause I took such good care of it, it had never failed me XP

Jan 2009 Desktop - My Computer Jan 2009 Desktop - My Folders

But junks were culminating inside and I was running out of space in C:\. So it was time to say goodbye~

Well, not really. It took me at least 3 days to back-up most of the data, which, I found out when I was transferring some after the clean install, was mostly junk.

I still to do some cleaning... *sigh*

Jan 3, 2009


Ninja from Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Oh dang, only 4 post in December. I've gotten too lazy >.< Anyway, lets just jumble  everything in 1 place;

New Year
Yes, Happy New Year everyone~ For me, I already invited Awal Muharam earlier. Went to The Manhattan Fish Market at Sunway Pyramid for dinner with fellow friends. Due to New Year, all the menu change to set style, which, to me, is sho much more expensives XP

Manhattan Fish Market New Year Dinner - Main Dish

Manhattan Fish Market New Year Dinner - Dessert

Oh, did I tell u guys about walking all around the mall to find ATMs and restaurant? Chingy jinx us all so we went back to Manhattan.

Monitor On Fire!!!
My BenQ FP71G LCD monitor fried. I was busy writing resumes. Which is not a sin!!!

Now I'm using an older and smaller monitor with my computer. I'm running low on money so I can't replace what I lost.


Well, if I could replace it, I might as well get a new rig. I've been talking about trying to save enough money to buy a new rig, but sadly no.

I failed.

What I Remembered
I don't remember anything else. I've been spending my time babysitting in the morning and playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy in the evening, doing bad at both job.

Well, that's all for my 2009 post. I'm too depress about low cash right now, so I'm going to continue playing games and stay in denial.


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