Oct 7, 2009

Jom Potong!

No, not P1 Jom Potong promotion, but feel free to join it if you want. Just remember to come back to me with reviews and feedbacks ^_^

Anyway, just got myself a Bluetooth headset, spefically Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970. The manuals always tell you to recharge the item 8 hours for first time use. That's my minimum sleeping hour. So I could only play around with it the next day...

I paired the headset with my phone and netbook, which was pretty easy. Sadly I can't get the display to work properly. I can't find anyone selling Nokia bluetooth, so I just bought the not-the-cheapest-but-was-still-cheaper-than-the-other-high-end-headset.

Now my netbook is connected to the internet through my phone, with my headset connected to both to stream music and receive calls(not that I get any anyway. That's why my phone bill is pitiful). No more messy wires!

Ah, but now I have 3 items that I need to remember to recharge periodically...

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Sep 25, 2009


Now here's something that Amazon need to fix.

Amazon estimate

Sure, I know estimates are estimates at best, but really, how can they deliver my item before it is even shipped?

Sep 7, 2009

Life Ain't So Bad Afterall

Now playing; Fallout 3 on the PC. Faster than an Xbox360.

Hello everyone. It's been awhile. How's life treating you? Doing great during Ramadhan? I get exhausted easily, but overall I enjoy the fasting session XD

Sila tunggu

Anyway, since I can't blog during office hour (:block:), I channel those spare energy (of whatever left of it) to Twitter instead. It's so much easier to check on my friend's tweets, and whenever there's something that interest me, I just search the Twitter universe to check on other people's tweets.

So please check my Twitter profile too XD

Anyway, I'm taking the LRT during fasting month. Reason because I get home faster like this. Actually I already prepared a bottle of mineral water and a box of dates in case I need to buka puasa at the office, but thankfully it hasn't come to that.


It's actually not as bad as normal days since a lot of people exits the train after a few stations cause they want to go shopping.

My chances of getting a seats are higher this time!

So hopefully I am able to perform my fasting without a hitch this year. No one likes troubles kocking on their door, me included.

Aug 27, 2009

Lite and Not-So-Tasty

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa semua!

Anyway, night is the only time I can snack on food, so decided to cook Maggi Mee Tasty Lite.

Mi Maggi

You know, there's a reason for that name. The most important thing is that the taste is lite; the normal Maggi Mee are much nicer. But you know, it's not that healthy if you keep on consuming it.

Which bring in another matter; The packaging says 'No MSG added'. Makes you wonder why it's not 'MSG Free'.

Maybe because it still contain food additives o_O

Adding additive into oil may make a car engine running much smoother or whatever, but still, note to self, Maggi Mee should  notbe consume regularly. It should be rarely.

Like that will work. My mom who used to scare her children that we go bald if we eat instant noodle is now addicted to it.

Conclusion; Fikirlah sendiri! *goes back to sleep*

Aug 25, 2009

From the Rising Sun

Ever had the your excitement gone down the drain? I did, last week.

I ordered a book all the way from Japan, and was anticipating it like crazy, I keep refreshing the tracking page. Thankfully my little brother was at home to receive it.

But before I went back home, I went to a bookstore to check on other books. Lo and behold, the same book that I ordered from Japan is there! And the price! Demmit, shipping is expensive!

I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the last time I check...

Oh well, next time, before buying, I should at least ask the staff if there is a chance of them stocking certain books...

*goes to count money*

Aug 14, 2009

Conffession of a Shopaholic

What I'll do to keep a cute kitten beside me...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Anyway, an update; I'm running low on cash. *GASP!*

Previously I applied for a debit card. Later I applied for another debit card plus a credit card. I found it so convenient to pay using my prepaid-debit card that shopping has become more fun XD

Which in turns, burning a hole in my pocket. Dang.

Currently I'm trying to decide whether I should order Japan magazine from Amazon Japan or not. Need to think about the shipping and custom cost o_O If I can find service to help me then maybe I'll go for it, if the price is reasonable.

And no, my Japaneses is pitiful. All I want to do is look at pictures XP

Me, waiting for payday, signing off...

Burry It

Convocation is nearing~

Anyway, just read some news about Digsby. Oh dang, I didn't know that Digsby was using my computer resources for research o_O

Well, you can read more at Lifehacker. I've already disable the so called 'feature'. Really, I didn't know about that kind of 'feature' in Disgby.

Maybe I should start searching for new alternatives, like Pidgin...

Jul 31, 2009

Lost During Transmission

It ain't my week, I tell ya.

So other than succumbing to illness this week (prays hard it's not H1N1), the local banks had manage to tick me off. Let's proceed with the least damage.

So I applied for a card from CIMB. After waiting for 14 working days, which is like, almost 3 weeks, I called up their support centre asking about the status on my card application. Turns out that is already been approved and ready to be collected o_O

Aiyo, how come nobody tell me one? The staff said that a mail was sent out a week before. To date, I have yet to receive it.

Pray tell history is not repeating itself. This one happens before I went to college. *rewind*I opened a savings account, but after a while, I did not get my ATM card. Went to a bank branch to enquire. Turns out that my address in the system was totally wrong! o_O

But get this; address stated in my savings account book is correct >_<

I think this shows that along the way, CIMB tend to lose part of its data during communication. And I strand true, because *fastforwardtotoday* when I went to pick up my card, the officer in charge told me that my card 'ditarik balik' (pulled back) and I can't collect it at said branch.

What the heck? I just call your card centre and they said I can!

It seems that at the branch's system it stated that my card was pulled back. Make another call to confirm that I am indeed correct, then only the officer went and search for the physical card.

So in the end, I was finally able to collect my card. Yeah~

Now to find what to buy with it...

Jul 29, 2009



A very simple title. I've been unwell this past few days. I really hope I get well soon, cause PCFair is just around the corner >_<

Will make a shopping list after getting well*cough!*

Jul 19, 2009


“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self. ”

Wow, 3 things in one day. All of it happened yesterday, on Saturday. First, a friend of mine is flying back to Australia on the same day gathered me and tha others to get breakfast at Papa Rich. Take note that I ate roti canai before I came. The food is so expensive o-O I shouldn't be greedy and order food...

Neverwinter Nights 2

Next, came back home and found out the game I ordered just arrive! w00t! I'm loving PosLaju for delivering my item on Saturdays XD. Also, hats off for The Software Boutique for the fast delivery XD. After buying The Sims 3, my next target was Neverwinter Nights 2. Original games really burn a hole in your pocket, so I'm only buying games that I really want >_< I'm deciding whether I should buy the pc or console version of Dragon Age: Origins when it's released...

Bon Odori festival

Lastly, on the same day, was the Bon Odori festival at Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam. My first time there, as every attemp in the past year, I had failed to attend. Oh wait, I failed to attend Daicon too... Drats.

Anyway, I had fun with my friends there. Only problem is that no one remember to bring the mat, so we all just sit on the grass. Ouch. Also, I didn't buy anything at all, not even the green tea drink that my friend bought for me o_O I wanted to buy something, but I dunnoe, the food didn't interest me so much, and the stall that I wanted to buy from had a very long queue o_O

Back at home, I stil haven't even started playing my new game. I heard that this game is bug-ridden, so before I play, I went and download all the patch. I only finsh patching the next day, which is today. Lousy connection makes it hard to patch >_<

Well, gonna take a break now. Tomorrow is working day so I better be ready for it. Can't get money if you don't work. Oh, i can't wait for payday as I'm running low on cash now...

Me, signing off.

Jul 12, 2009

On The Road to Destruction

i has a melon

It's me again. Went around the shopping mall in search of cheap watermelons. Cheap indeed, with a small portion and an expensive price yag attached to it. Ouch.

I decided to apply for both a debit and credit card, because I keep forgetting that most of my money is in the bank. Remind me of one case when I was still in college; I went to the cafeteria to buy dinner, only to realize that I have only RM1 with me.

What the heck, I can't even buy a loaf a bread with that! And the atm was too far; it was already dinner time. Thankfully a friend of mine was passing by so I had to borrow some money from her. Phew~!

Anyway, back the the card. I browsed the web and decided on 2 cards. Went to the bank during lunch hour and asked the reception at the ticket counter (ah, memories of my days as a programmer...) about he card. She insists there's no such card, and even had the gall to call it the atm card.

No, I'm not blind yet! >_<

Anyway, I came back after office hour to hand in my registration form. Had to ask my friend to print it cause the printer acts funny with pdf document. That's done, off to the gym.

Oh my god, I went to the gym 3 days straight; my muscles feel like they want to tear apart, yet I think my fats are taking it easy. In fact, I think the 3-consecutive days at the gym was nullified due to a Kenduri on weekends.

Moral of the story; I am not progressing at all!

Jul 5, 2009

Can't Fit!

“We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time”

I�s in Ur Gym Swetin To Tha Oldiez

Argh, I forgot to post again! Anyway, moving on... These few days I registered myself with a gym. Konon-lah nak stay fit!

As if.

Well, when I arrive one day with just 1 hour to do my exercise when I realize something was missing; I left my mobile phone in the office!


Run back to the office to get it. Then came back to the gym's changing room. I left my stuff in my friend's locker. So I went round and round searching for her. More minutes of the clock.

By the time I got everything settled down, it's time to go back home and catch the train. Drat.

I must be more motivated in my quest to become healthy and fit!

Jun 27, 2009


I've been  working at my new workplace for a week now. It's further than my last's job, so I have to travel quite a bit. Sometimes I ride car, sometimes I ride public. I use 2 public transport services; One is the LRT, the other one is the KTM Commuter.

This rant is about KTM Commuter.

After work, I try to catch one of the commuter train, usually the 6.03p.m. train. Lo and behold, they canceled it >_<

They canceled the train on Friday. Great. Waitwaitwait then only another train comes by. Unfortunately, it's too jam packed, so I can't get in. Wait some more for the next train. Arrive home late >_<

Skips a few days later. I think it was on Wednesday maybe. Again, the train that's supposed to arrive on 6.03p.m. was canceled yet again. Rinse and repeat. I arrive at my destination at about 8p.m. in the night o_O

I can't believe the company. If I'm not wrong, they start their operation with 60plus trains. Now, 2009, the have like only 20plus operational.

What happened to the rest?

Also, I can't believe a company that have been in service for more than 10 years can't handle such thing. Don't they do prediction? Like, how long a certain commuter train can last? They say they've bought new trains, but when will it arrive? 2010?! Come on-lah!

I have't gotten enough sleep lately. Most of my time are spent in the office. Spending more than 30 minutes waiting for the public transport doesn't help much.

I wish the public transport will improve...

Jun 18, 2009

I Cried

Zomg, so many things happened! So I'll just make a simple milestone, ya?

Bought a new pc to play The Sims 3. w00t!

Got a new job offer.
Went to an induction program for more than 2 weeks.
The classes swings from boring to interesting,
but the best part was the food~!!!!

Made new friends.
Which reminds me that I need to
keep in contact with my old ones

FlyFF failed to update. I can't play~! *sob!*

Started working at my new workplace. Cuak siut!!!

So thats it. Hope you enjoy the show. Stay tunes for next week! X3

May 21, 2009

Wishing On A Rainbow

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time”

Oh dear, I'm in a very depress mode. Why? Cause I can't find any computer shop that offer cash installment plan >_<

They all want credit card.

And I can't apply for a personal loan, since I'm not eligible. Not to mention I don't need 10k.

I'll die trying to pay back that much!

*sigh* Anyway, soon I'll be having a little transition this June. Still considering whether this was a good or bad choice.

I just don't want to regret it later in life.

But then, since God gave me the chance, might as well take it.

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May 14, 2009

Work In-Progress

“Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours”

Is what the saying goes, but you know what? That still bores me.


I was given work. A pretty easy one. Unfortunately there's lots of em. When oh when will it finish?

Stress is building inside of me. From what? Lack of gaming time.

Between coming back fro and to work, I only have, like, 3/4 hours of free time. I need my obligatory sleep time. And, as usual, I have tons of game to finish.

Right now focusing on finishing Overlord and reaching level 45 in FlyFF. I also want to spend more time on my RPG Maker.

I have lot's of time for work though. Like today, for my coding job, I manage to test and modify 10 methods. That used to take me, like, 3 days o_O.

Either I'm getting better at it, or working hour had just been stretched without me knowing.

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May 10, 2009

Roger That

Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it.

I think I'm getting better at eating not-fully-cooked food. Time and again my stomach goes into pain-mode, yet it will feel better sooner or later.

Of course, a visit to the loo is healthy.

Before I start rambling, have some food.

Kenny Rogers Roosters

Anyway, I was reading an old book brother had, which is Elminster's Daughter by Ed Greenwood. It sa good book, but I wish they focus on Narnra more. I like reading fantasy book, but I find the lack of females as the protagonist tiring.

Mind you, I've only read a few, so maybe I missed some. I find the book  a bit hard to follow, as the author seems to jump from one scene to another. I keep flipping through the pages wanting to know what happened to the daugther, so I ended missing a lot of important events. Like how the song dragon happen to know about the Waterdeep lass?

I need to look through the book again, but that means reading scenes with characters I care not. I'll probably flipped through it again.

Too bad I can't find any discussion about this book. Maybe someone can give me a detailed summary of the only one I'm interested.

Oh well, tomorrow is Monday. Better be ready to get depress.

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May 8, 2009

Who Move My Cheese?!?!

"Kill the body and
the head will die."

Notes: Take note that I update my Twitter more often then my blog, so remember to check it out too.

That aside, at first I wanted to post some unlucky story about myself and yesterday, but it looks like I'll have to extend it till today.

Just now, I was so angry that I've forgotten what happened yesterday. I only remembered that there was a truck blocking my way home, so I had to take another route, which was jam-packed. Why can't people ever learn not to sop inside the yellow box?! Demmit!

Last week I bought 6 cheese sausages. I like cheese. A lot. Reason why I bought them.

But my little brother also likes them. So he went and ate 4. Yes, 4. The unlucky number.

So left 2. Because of what he done, I decided to eat the next day, which is today.

Lo and behold, my older brother was hungry so he went and ate the leftovers. He probably thought that I had already eaten the others.

So let see, that left me with... You guess right, Nothing!!!

You know, as programmer, I need to write application to retrieve records. So I always write a test program to check whether the retrieval was successful or not. Something like this;

Sub TestCheese()
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim objCheeze As EFood.CCheeze
Dim i As Long
Dim msg As String

For i = 0 to 99
Set rs = objCheeze.RetrieveCheeseSausages

If rs Is Nothing Then
msg = msg & "Out of sausages"
i = 0
msg = msg & "Sausages found"
Call CookAndEatCheeseSausage(rs)
Exit For
End If
Next i
End Sub

Oh dang, I want my cheese... *goestoplayOverlord*

May 6, 2009

No Time To Linger

Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.

Ahhh, it's already May, and I still haven't finish Overlord yet >_<

Anyway, nothing much but work and work and work. For a company that have so many customers and clients, the software department is very small o_O

To develop an application, you need several layers for it. Think like needing to go through a few stages. I used to take care 2 of the lowest, and easiest layers. Now they want to give me another one, which is harder.


I'm surprise at how nice and patient my colleague are. I keep making mistakes, and they keep pointing it out and teaching me how too fix it in a friendly manner.

funny pictures of cats with captions

You know, in the beginning I dreaded going to work. I was afraid that I could not do it, that they will scold me for it. Now that I have receive my 2nd paycheck, I'm settling to my job nicely.

Though I'm still making mistakes and running to my project leader whenever there's' trouble, no matter how tiny it is.

My colleagues are nice to me. The food stall are near, cheap and delicious. The office is near my home, so I'm the last one to leave the house. I can sleep late and rise late.

Such is the advantage of receiving a small paycheck. I don't have to spend a lot of money and I don't waste time being stuck in a traffic jam.

Guess this is fairness in life, you win some, you lose some.

What I'll do to have it all...

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Apr 27, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions

I wanna complain about KFC. Goodness gracious how quality has sink. I went to two outlet and both also have only 2 staff serving the customer. Was the fast food resturant hit that bad by recession?

And goodness, with just 2 staff, the waiting time and serving time is too long. I was so steamed about the whole day that I vented it out by writing a love letter to KFC, saying how much I love to not love it anymore.

Come on-lah, you've already increase price,shrink portion size and reduce spices. The fact that I can eat Hot & Spicy is an insult to all spicy food in the world. And this is coming from someone who does not put any sambal in their nasi lemak!

Blah, I'm so stressed out, I'm venting on the chocaltes inside the fridge after this.


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Apr 26, 2009

Come and Go

funny pictures of cats with captions

I am dead tired.

I'm the homely type. I stay at home most of the time doing absolutely nothing. I thrive in laziness, I worship peace.

So when I am tasked to chaperon people on Saturday and Sunday, I died a little bit inside...


Well, okay, maybe just a few cell died, like those inside my foot. Anyway, my relatives came to visit on Saturday. So I brought her and lil bro around the mall. On the next day, which is Sunday, if you're not following, I escorted our house helper to another mall. She wanted to buy some gift for her family.

Of course, the adventure start roughly, starting with my father parking his car behind the one I'm using. What am I supposed to do during an emergency? Ram his car?! But it's a heavy duty car, so that's not possible.

Thankfully, he left his keys, so I had to moved his car. Queue in lots of whining while talking with daddy and mission accomplish.

I worked on weekdays and alternate Saturdays. It just so happen to be that Saturday. Why oh why does it need to be this weekend? I mean, I have and older brother who is at home most of the time yet no one asked him to do these!

It is no wonder that his playtime in Overlord is longer than mine.

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Apr 15, 2009

Upping Up the Game

Focus! Is the key...

Baby Dina playing games

You know, she's the reason why I have even less time to play games. The fact that I need to babysit her after i finish work, and also the fact that she had taking a liking to the Overlord's minion.

Oh well, as long as she stays cute!

And please. Please, TMNut, stop going nuts!

I miss my games...

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Apr 5, 2009

I Can’t Fly

I can't play FlyFF because of server maintenance. Demmit!

FlyFF in-game screen

I can't fly. I can't hit a monster properly either

So we finally bought a wireless usb adapter, so no more arguing over the modem ownership, except that my brother is a lousy admin.

He locked himself inside his room with the modem(he didn't take the router with him. Now I wonder why? *sarcasm*) and ignores every knocking made on his door. He'll only open it if he hears bigger bro or dad's voice. He spends so much time sleeping, he should use be the one using the adapter instead.

He also refuse to answer my knocking when I wanted to check why in the world I can't ping Google. He won't open the damn door and I have to ask him to check the router through the door.


Anyway, I can't play MMOs. And X0 doesn't have much games either. Not my taste. Sure, I still have a few unfinished games on the Silver and Shiro-chan, but... I haven't played MMOs and console games for a while. I wanna play them~ X3

But I can't. Because TMNuts went bonkers yet again. They say a circuit or something is faulty or whatever, but I think the "A staff got an April Fool email and open it, and all hells break loose, infecting the system," scenario is more plausible. You can see how much service interruption due to circuit fault is happening.

I wonder what happened to the "Billion-ringgit boost for broadband" plan they had last year?

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Mar 26, 2009

Long Way to Go

Fetch me a bucket of time.

Fetch Quest
Where did all the fun time go? I can't find enough time to goof around >.<

I'm out of the house most of the time due to work, yet that brother of mine just can't understand it; Can't he use the pc when I'm not at home? like, when I'm working? No, he needs to use the pc when I want to use it, or when I don't want to be bothered by him.

And remember to turn off Silver and the air-conditioner in your room!

Again, working as a programmer ain't easy. I needed more than a day to write, test and debug a simple program that was even provided references (read: CopyPaste).

Stop phailing, me!

On coding and eventing, I created a simple Fetch Quest in my game created using RPG Maker VX. In 3 days I revise it till it reach version 2.5 XP. I did version 3.0, but I wrote it in Notepad while in the office.

And I can't remember what I wrote, demmit!

Yes, I whine about not having enough time, but right now I'm trying to download Flyff. A co-worker of mine is playing it too, so I thought I try it out. I think I like cutesy games like this more than, say, CabalSEA.

Which reminds me, I still have tons of game I need to finish. I'm putting games on Facebook on the lower end of the list, just before 'Life Responsibilities' entry.

RPG Maker VX custom materials used. Credit goes to;

Mar 24, 2009

I’ll Break It

I won’t mind eating this more than 3 times a week. I love having fried bee hoon in the morning. Couple it with my favorite snacks, like sausages or nuggets, and I'm good to go for the day!

Unless it means going to class or work. You can bet my head will hit the table before afternoon.

So me and my mom went to Indonesia for, say, 5 days. Trust my mom to join a shopping trip. Yeah, the stuff are cheap, and some are even nice, but please, I'm a human, not a robot. I definitely don't want to exhaust myself physically so much.

But who am I kidding with? Mom rarely listen to me. This trip proves it!

Since I started trying out work(it's called a tryout-da), I've been spending around 9 hours in the office. Yes, a friccken 9 hours. More than the recommended sleep time. And we work on alternate Saturdays too! o_O

Thank goodness for half-days.

Anyway, I am still not good with Visual Basic. I think I rather spend my time mulling over SQLs and RPG Maker VX. Which reminds me; I created a flowchart for an event in the game and I haven't implemented it yet.


Mar 13, 2009

Never-ending Story

Study till you drop.

WHat I did for the week

The above holds very true. I've been going for a work tryout this week. I need to take a few test for them to see whether I am suitable with the job not. Frankly speaking, I do not think I'm suitable.

It's sho hard!!!

On the first day I took some test on standards they use for writing Visual Basic programs. I am 100% sure that I did NOT write VB as one of my programming language. I am ABSOLUTELY SURE I did not put VB in any part of my resume.

So now they want me to learn from scratch how to code in VB. G8.

I did SQL too, which, even with basic knowledge, still manage to make me shed pitiful tears. I spend more than two hours trying to figure out why my records keep repeating itself.

After a grueling googling I finally found the solution; No need to use CAST or SUBSTRING and the like; Just put the aggregate function at group by.

I feel so stupid

I guess this is divine punishment for not studying seriously during college. Man, I suck big time. I might as well stay at home and tanam anggur that will never bear fruits.

Baby Dina with books
For a better future, start fast!

Mar 9, 2009

Hati Remuk

Title Inggeris tapi nak type Bahasa&campur2-lak.


Baru-baru nie hati ku tersangat remuk. Geram gila. Tak ku sanggka akan menjadi begini. Sakit hati sungguh sampai ku complain kat ibubapa ku.

Bumbung bocor

Argh, naper bocor tepat2 kat atas katil?! Ku suka tidur waktu hujan! Sekarang tak leh nak tidur waktu hujan!


Sekali tu nak transfer file. Tak tau mana silapnya, punyalah lama nak transfer. Bukannya besar snagat. Nak burn DVD 4gig kebawah pun tak selembap nie...

File transfer

Lagi satu, ku masih tak berduit. Nak beli monitor baru, nati leh dapat screen estate yang lebih besar. I can also hook up XO t o it! No more figthing with my brothers and mother over the TV! Yeah!

LCD Monitor yang rosak

Nak carik ais-krim-lak...

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Mar 2, 2009

Too Much Carbon

Lama ko tak update blog ko.

Is what a friend of mine said. And its very true. Why? Because I am still frikkin jobless!!!

It's depressing.

But then again, it ain't stopping me from enjoying what little life I have left, like playing games, watching anime and eating good food.

Speaking of food, me and my mom had found a treasure called Asian Food Channel. She started buying Saji magazine and looking through recipes. One of them are Carbonara Spaghetti.

Yeah, nothing else interesting to see here. If there was any, I would have forgotten about it anyway.


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