Dec 7, 2008

Take it Slow

The last one will be left behind.

I am still here. At home. Without work. Without money.

Oh dear.

So uhm, days just past by like that. I spend the day babysitting, and the the night catching up with my games. Didn't get the chance to update my blog or Facebook profile; Moms been busy doing her work on my pc. If its not her, the little bro is busy networking with his firends online.

Some of my friend have given up on Facebook and IM alltogether. =_=

My phone is still hospitalized; the doctor still won't release it. Poor Nitty(just thought up that name). I'm too lazy to contact my friend via phones, cause I don't know wheter they're free or I still have their correct phone numbers.

Aiya, come people and turn your IM on~

Oh and by the way, took this pic yesterday; feast your eye on my niece, Baby Dina~

Baby Dina

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