Dec 9, 2008


I'm cheating the time here...

It's Eid al-Adha~ As usual the house is buy preparing food and what not. Only me, my little brother and dad went balik kampung cause everyone else is either missing in action or critically down.

Me and lil bro was no different; we spend the day sleeping, playing games and eating. We did a lil chat with our relatives, over the dining table.

Sorry, no pictures.

Oh yeah, Baby Dina went to visit her grandma at Kelantan. Big bro(her dad) said she got a cultural shock when she arrive there.

But you've been there already...

Going back home was lousy; traffic jam. Ngaaaa~. Also, stop by to perform prayers, only to find out theres no water.


Came back home and sat down at the dining table first. My auties loves to give us food, and lil bro loves to accept them.


But still, this is one of my favorite festive since I get to eat rebusan and soups. X3

But really, my dad reminded his children that we should not have such thought(read:gluttony).

Dad: Kita datang nie utk mengikatkan silaturahim sesama saudara-mara

Aii, bilala nak insaf nie...

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