Dec 19, 2008

In The Eye of the Beholder

Flock Together

My Mangas

Finally~ I was able to go to The Gardens near of Mid Valley Megamall and visit Borders there X3 I was finally able to buy the mangas I want so much!!!

Erm, sort of. Because of my backlog, there were actually a lot of mangas that I want. Sadly, no money.


My crazy partner had post her POV(point-of-view) in her blog, you can read there also. Anyway, my only target is Borders; anything else can come later. That's why we ended up eating at Carl's Jr. And just like she mention, I'm suprised there is actually a cheaper place to eat ay Gardens!

And I though everything there was premieum, grrrrr...

Carl's Jr.

There were a lot of walking. I keep pestering Ching to buy something for herself, but she didn't. She keep picking cloths for me instead.

Wrong person la.

We went into a lot of shop... Dem, my feet was in pain. A lot. Even after arriving home, my feet still hurts.


Anyway, it's been awhile since I hang out with a buddy. Really glad am able to catch up with Chingy. Also had fun bullying her XD Hopefully next time more friends can join in an outing.

Note to Ching: Introduce your fellow friend to me next time X3
Note to Ching2: And no, I do not love you. LOL!

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Ching-y said...

NO, both of u will NOT be intro-ed for all humans' peace...and why dont u love meee?? WHY???

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