Dec 19, 2008

In The Eye of the Beholder

Flock Together

My Mangas

Finally~ I was able to go to The Gardens near of Mid Valley Megamall and visit Borders there X3 I was finally able to buy the mangas I want so much!!!

Erm, sort of. Because of my backlog, there were actually a lot of mangas that I want. Sadly, no money.


My crazy partner had post her POV(point-of-view) in her blog, you can read there also. Anyway, my only target is Borders; anything else can come later. That's why we ended up eating at Carl's Jr. And just like she mention, I'm suprised there is actually a cheaper place to eat ay Gardens!

And I though everything there was premieum, grrrrr...

Carl's Jr.

There were a lot of walking. I keep pestering Ching to buy something for herself, but she didn't. She keep picking cloths for me instead.

Wrong person la.

We went into a lot of shop... Dem, my feet was in pain. A lot. Even after arriving home, my feet still hurts.


Anyway, it's been awhile since I hang out with a buddy. Really glad am able to catch up with Chingy. Also had fun bullying her XD Hopefully next time more friends can join in an outing.

Note to Ching: Introduce your fellow friend to me next time X3
Note to Ching2: And no, I do not love you. LOL!

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Dec 10, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Not, not the game.

I've got some free time, so I'm planning to clean up my room. I have 3 desk that needs cleaning; 2 physical one and 1 virtual.

Desktop Screen shot

Trying to get back to my network; I hardly find anyone online. Buuuu~ Now that we've finished our campus life, my former classmate hardly update their blogs.

Don't leave me~.

I still haven't finish cleaning my desk. Rummaging through the drawers are a pain. I wish I didn't accumulate so much junks.

On to virtual life, some people neglect their Facebook =_=. I'm logging into again, but the audio stream breaks off so many times I had to fire up my foobar2000 and listen to the same song over and over again.


Finally got around to update my Netvibes page with feeds from my friend's blog. Used to rely on the Blogger's dashboard, but I think giving my friends a place in 1 whole tab is much better ^_^.

My Netvibes public page

You can check out my public page on Netvibes for the feed, but there isn't much, since I don't have many friends and not many updates often >_<

Signed up for FriendFeed; I don't think my firends even know it exist. I know these things can be used to make new friends, but really, I'm just too lazy XP

Bah, tired already. Need sleep. Like nao...

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Dec 9, 2008


I'm cheating the time here...

It's Eid al-Adha~ As usual the house is buy preparing food and what not. Only me, my little brother and dad went balik kampung cause everyone else is either missing in action or critically down.

Me and lil bro was no different; we spend the day sleeping, playing games and eating. We did a lil chat with our relatives, over the dining table.

Sorry, no pictures.

Oh yeah, Baby Dina went to visit her grandma at Kelantan. Big bro(her dad) said she got a cultural shock when she arrive there.

But you've been there already...

Going back home was lousy; traffic jam. Ngaaaa~. Also, stop by to perform prayers, only to find out theres no water.


Came back home and sat down at the dining table first. My auties loves to give us food, and lil bro loves to accept them.


But still, this is one of my favorite festive since I get to eat rebusan and soups. X3

But really, my dad reminded his children that we should not have such thought(read:gluttony).

Dad: Kita datang nie utk mengikatkan silaturahim sesama saudara-mara

Aii, bilala nak insaf nie...

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Dec 7, 2008

Take it Slow

The last one will be left behind.

I am still here. At home. Without work. Without money.

Oh dear.

So uhm, days just past by like that. I spend the day babysitting, and the the night catching up with my games. Didn't get the chance to update my blog or Facebook profile; Moms been busy doing her work on my pc. If its not her, the little bro is busy networking with his firends online.

Some of my friend have given up on Facebook and IM alltogether. =_=

My phone is still hospitalized; the doctor still won't release it. Poor Nitty(just thought up that name). I'm too lazy to contact my friend via phones, cause I don't know wheter they're free or I still have their correct phone numbers.

Aiya, come people and turn your IM on~

Oh and by the way, took this pic yesterday; feast your eye on my niece, Baby Dina~

Baby Dina

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