Nov 20, 2008

A Year Later

I am now officially 13 years old!

No-lar, I'm older than that. It's just that big bro's mother-in-law though that I was 12 when she first saw me.

Younger than thou~

As usual, on Friday we went to the night market to grab some bites. It was only me and my 2 other; I was already confused tha 1 friend, who claim to have a headache, was busy playing makeup with the local makcik.

Come back, a surprise was waiting for me; actually, they were also waiting inside (Conspiracy roommate!).


Also, they redecorated my side of the room.

They redecorated my table!!!
They redecorated my table!!!

A very big thank you for everyone who took part in the surprise. Thanks to Parah, Pizza, River Bank, my Roomie and Bubup. X3

Also to all my friends who can't be here with me but still send their greetings and well-wishes to me, thank you so much. I'm happy that you guys remembered me XD

Again, thanks you all! Appreciate it a lot XDXD

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chicz said...

kire okay la tu nad. haha awk thirteen. kite pulak maintain sixteen years old, forever~!

Reiki said...

Wow, forevor. Ju dah tambah 1tahun X3

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