Nov 3, 2008

Stich It Back

And Make a New One

Ahh, finally finish presentation .It didn't go as plan; We had to redo one part. Argh. Also, I don't think there was any need for a presentation; he wasn't scoring us anyway. What he really want was the darn report.


On another note, I was hoping to eat at Pizza Hut today, but most makciks are either too busy dating or just plain lazy. Can't find anyone to cooperate with me. Oh well, to the cafe to eat normal nasi campur(mixed rice).

Come evening 1 of my fellow comrade who accomponied me reported of suffering from stomack ache. She ask if I was alrigh, and I replied yeah, I'm fine. We both are rice that wasn't fully cooked, yet I'm not showing any sign of suffering yet.

It's because I'm use to it.

Lousy cafe. Just how many time do I find myself eating half-cooked rice? Mind you, because I'm hungry most of the time, I just eat whatever food that is in front of me. Even if it's half-cooked, as long as it doesn't taste horrible I'll eat it. Oh heck, most of the time it's because I did not realize the food was not cooked properly =_=


Take example, during fasting season. Me and parah bought form the same stall. When it was time to break fast, I just munch on my food without care. Parah instead commented that the rice was half-cooked. It was then that I realized, "Oh yalah... Duh!"

Bleh, cafeteria people are lucky I always visits them =_=

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Farah Syazana said...

Parah ko pngil aku?

Gi cek nengok blog aku.
Ape aku lak pnggil ko.
so sweet

Reiki said...

Coz ko dah reach critical-da~

Bab tu ko dpt nama parah.


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