Nov 17, 2008

Searching for Nokia Care

The truth is out there. Somewhere.

Final paper is on Friday. Still got some time. So went and finish Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I actually like playing the Castlevania game. Problem is that I get scared to easily. The Castlevania game manage to fright me from time to time. But I was able to finish it anyway.


Today, me and my friend went for an adventure. A very bad experience adventure. As mention before, my Nokia mobile phone died. So today we went in search of the Nokia Care Center, or Nokia Care, located at Greentown Business Center.

And oh boy, do we regret it now or what!

We searched and search for the shop everywhere, yet we couldn't find it. We saw HL Bank and also 2 ,Maybank but it was nowhere to be seen. Calling the shop for direction proves to be useless, as the only thing she knows what to say is "Sama deret dengan Maybank(Same row with Maybank)".


We stop by the Perak Tourism office, hoping to ask direction. Unfortunately, it was lunch hour. Darn it!

Me: Tunggu je la sampai pukul 2. Lagi 15 minit je.
Not Me: Takdenye nak bukak pukul dua. Aku pernah kerja kat goverment. Pukul 2.30 baru bukak.

Tourism Office

So with that decision shoot down, we went to Yik Foong for a while. One dude at the counter suggested that we take the taxi to take us to Greentown.

Yeah right. After wasting my petrol to go there, now wanna take a cab?!

So it turn out that we weren't even near Greentown Business Center. The problem is that both Ipoh Town and Greentown has HL Bank and Maybank located near each other! No wonder we couldn't find it!

*Bash head several time on the steering wheel*

Well, even after going through hell, it was still useless. Turns out that the the shop didn't support my phone's warranty. If I let them fix my phone, the warranty will be voided.

ZOMG, I am so gonna strangle the dude who told me the warranty was accepted anywhere in Malaysia.

*sigh*Its just one thing after another. The adventure was horrible, with near miss from being involved with an accidents. Now that I think about it, there were alot of ambulance on the road today...

Also, the journey back to campus was horrible due to the heavy rain storm. Bleh.

There was a good thing, and that was the opportunity to eat at Secret Recipe. Yum!

Chicken chop, Oreo Milkshakes and mushroom soup. Black pepper chicken grill with watermelon juice.

Mine is the 1st, while my friend had the later. Also, we stop by McDonald drive-thru afterward.

The law of happiness state that the amount of happiness is proportional the amount of food one is able to enjoy.


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Farah Syazana said...

woit.sape penjenayah ko angkut skalik g baik hphone tuh?

Reiki said...

Huhu, sape lagi, partners in crime ko ler X3

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