Nov 2, 2008

Remember, Remember...

The 1st of November...

How times flies. Its gonna be study week soon. Exams weeks will soon follow, but there is a difference; its the last exam I will take here in college \o/

I've finished the report that's need to be hand in tomorrow. One local makcik tried to riled me up by saying no one goes for meeting anymore at this time. What she doesn't know was that she had infected my flash drive with a virus earlier =_=

Makciks will always be a makciks.

My Yahoo! Messenger has failed lately. There's not many people using GTalk, and Messenger is unavailable here in dorm. There have been cases here, where when 1 person is unable to use Y!M, are able to use it after a while, only to have another person to be rendered unable to use it.

Apparently 2 friends who were unable to log in into Y!M are able to do so now. Problem is I'm the current victim now.

Was craving for burgers so I asked my friend, Pizza(yes, a pizza) to follow me. It was already pass 7p.m. and looked dark, but what the heck, a burger was waiting!

Burger in dustbin
I took a picture, after I devoured the burger and toast it into the dustbin.

It seems that not having her roomate around(both our roomate hail from Teregganu, and is back there now) has some serious effect on her. For one she is more sensitive to people. The next one, she made 1 terrible typo that was impossible to be declared a typo. It was more like her subconcious taking over for awhile.

I was on the floor laughing at such mistake. I'll show you what the mistake was, but you're gonna have to ask for her permission first.

Pity her. LOL!

Ah well, better get some rest, for tomorrow's last presentation XD

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peeja said...

ape da..tnjuk gmba plastik bege yg da dlm tong sampah..tnjuk la gmba bege..sedapnyee~

oit2..jgn cite kt org psl typo tuh..ish2..malu la aku..hahaha..

p/s: aku knl local makcik tuh sape..haha..

Reiki said...

Sedap sangat burger tadi, sampai terlupa nak tangkap gambar X9

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