Nov 25, 2008

Here I Am


Back where I belong.

I'm home; Yippie~ And as usual, still forgetting to update my blog XP

So let see, just as soon as I get back home, my portable games get confiscated by my brothers =_=. Also, as soon as I get the modem back, I receive lots and lost of demands from downloading shows to opening emails to printing documents =_=

On Monday I sent my pitiful mobile phone for repairs. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Also, I found a temporary unpaid job; On weekdays I have to babysit baby niece. The problem is that she does not recognize me, neither does she like me =_=

Currently I'm trying to alternate between babysitting and playing games; I'm playing Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness for the DS, but what I really want to play is Fable 2 =_=

Also, big bro borrwed my camera and batteries as usual. It's just that this time, he manage to forgot to bring the battery charger =_= He he claims that I did not give it to him.

More =_=

Yeah, this week my face looks like =_= Which is different from my mom who is utterlerly disgusted with my short hair.

Oh well. Let's just finish playing game shall we?

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Nicole Borheier said...

Hi, this is Nicole from Germany, found you via Twitter :)

When I tried to open the Twitter account under "reiki" the system told me this name already existed - cool, another Reiki person.

So I tkok "reiki_prana" as my twitter name and just wanted to leave a "hi" ;)


Oh, and the Babysitting pic is great *ggg+

Nicole Borheier said...


took. I meant TOOK. Not tkok. But I figure you knew that already.

Reiki said...

Haha, nice to meet you, and thanks for dropping by ^^

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