Nov 25, 2008

Here I Am


Back where I belong.

I'm home; Yippie~ And as usual, still forgetting to update my blog XP

So let see, just as soon as I get back home, my portable games get confiscated by my brothers =_=. Also, as soon as I get the modem back, I receive lots and lost of demands from downloading shows to opening emails to printing documents =_=

On Monday I sent my pitiful mobile phone for repairs. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Also, I found a temporary unpaid job; On weekdays I have to babysit baby niece. The problem is that she does not recognize me, neither does she like me =_=

Currently I'm trying to alternate between babysitting and playing games; I'm playing Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness for the DS, but what I really want to play is Fable 2 =_=

Also, big bro borrwed my camera and batteries as usual. It's just that this time, he manage to forgot to bring the battery charger =_= He he claims that I did not give it to him.

More =_=

Yeah, this week my face looks like =_= Which is different from my mom who is utterlerly disgusted with my short hair.

Oh well. Let's just finish playing game shall we?

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Nov 20, 2008

A Year Later

I am now officially 13 years old!

No-lar, I'm older than that. It's just that big bro's mother-in-law though that I was 12 when she first saw me.

Younger than thou~

As usual, on Friday we went to the night market to grab some bites. It was only me and my 2 other; I was already confused tha 1 friend, who claim to have a headache, was busy playing makeup with the local makcik.

Come back, a surprise was waiting for me; actually, they were also waiting inside (Conspiracy roommate!).


Also, they redecorated my side of the room.

They redecorated my table!!!
They redecorated my table!!!

A very big thank you for everyone who took part in the surprise. Thanks to Parah, Pizza, River Bank, my Roomie and Bubup. X3

Also to all my friends who can't be here with me but still send their greetings and well-wishes to me, thank you so much. I'm happy that you guys remembered me XD

Again, thanks you all! Appreciate it a lot XDXD

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Nov 17, 2008

Searching for Nokia Care

The truth is out there. Somewhere.

Final paper is on Friday. Still got some time. So went and finish Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I actually like playing the Castlevania game. Problem is that I get scared to easily. The Castlevania game manage to fright me from time to time. But I was able to finish it anyway.


Today, me and my friend went for an adventure. A very bad experience adventure. As mention before, my Nokia mobile phone died. So today we went in search of the Nokia Care Center, or Nokia Care, located at Greentown Business Center.

And oh boy, do we regret it now or what!

We searched and search for the shop everywhere, yet we couldn't find it. We saw HL Bank and also 2 ,Maybank but it was nowhere to be seen. Calling the shop for direction proves to be useless, as the only thing she knows what to say is "Sama deret dengan Maybank(Same row with Maybank)".


We stop by the Perak Tourism office, hoping to ask direction. Unfortunately, it was lunch hour. Darn it!

Me: Tunggu je la sampai pukul 2. Lagi 15 minit je.
Not Me: Takdenye nak bukak pukul dua. Aku pernah kerja kat goverment. Pukul 2.30 baru bukak.

Tourism Office

So with that decision shoot down, we went to Yik Foong for a while. One dude at the counter suggested that we take the taxi to take us to Greentown.

Yeah right. After wasting my petrol to go there, now wanna take a cab?!

So it turn out that we weren't even near Greentown Business Center. The problem is that both Ipoh Town and Greentown has HL Bank and Maybank located near each other! No wonder we couldn't find it!

*Bash head several time on the steering wheel*

Well, even after going through hell, it was still useless. Turns out that the the shop didn't support my phone's warranty. If I let them fix my phone, the warranty will be voided.

ZOMG, I am so gonna strangle the dude who told me the warranty was accepted anywhere in Malaysia.

*sigh*Its just one thing after another. The adventure was horrible, with near miss from being involved with an accidents. Now that I think about it, there were alot of ambulance on the road today...

Also, the journey back to campus was horrible due to the heavy rain storm. Bleh.

There was a good thing, and that was the opportunity to eat at Secret Recipe. Yum!

Chicken chop, Oreo Milkshakes and mushroom soup. Black pepper chicken grill with watermelon juice.

Mine is the 1st, while my friend had the later. Also, we stop by McDonald drive-thru afterward.

The law of happiness state that the amount of happiness is proportional the amount of food one is able to enjoy.


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Nov 14, 2008


You came so far, yet know so little.

It's exam week. Gasp! No need to panic. It's my final year, so this will be the last time I'll take exams. Well, here anyway.

Today was my third paper. Darn, 3 papers in 1 week. Not as bad as my fellow friend who had 4, but still! Also, today paper was about Business & Cyber Law. Dang, do not take law if you could hardly memorize your lecturer's name.

funny pictures

Also, my mobile just died yesterday. *cries* Due to the lousy internet connection, I was trying to compose an email to my supervisor. Suddenly an "Application had failed" error pop-up and it shut down by itself. Subsequent tries to wake it up and turn it on fail.


Gonna have to send it to the service center then. Currently I have a gap of about 6 days before my final paper arrive. I'll have plenty of time to go play around and forget about studying.

Now, what game should I play...

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Nov 3, 2008

Stich It Back

And Make a New One

Ahh, finally finish presentation .It didn't go as plan; We had to redo one part. Argh. Also, I don't think there was any need for a presentation; he wasn't scoring us anyway. What he really want was the darn report.


On another note, I was hoping to eat at Pizza Hut today, but most makciks are either too busy dating or just plain lazy. Can't find anyone to cooperate with me. Oh well, to the cafe to eat normal nasi campur(mixed rice).

Come evening 1 of my fellow comrade who accomponied me reported of suffering from stomack ache. She ask if I was alrigh, and I replied yeah, I'm fine. We both are rice that wasn't fully cooked, yet I'm not showing any sign of suffering yet.

It's because I'm use to it.

Lousy cafe. Just how many time do I find myself eating half-cooked rice? Mind you, because I'm hungry most of the time, I just eat whatever food that is in front of me. Even if it's half-cooked, as long as it doesn't taste horrible I'll eat it. Oh heck, most of the time it's because I did not realize the food was not cooked properly =_=


Take example, during fasting season. Me and parah bought form the same stall. When it was time to break fast, I just munch on my food without care. Parah instead commented that the rice was half-cooked. It was then that I realized, "Oh yalah... Duh!"

Bleh, cafeteria people are lucky I always visits them =_=

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Nov 2, 2008

Remember, Remember...

The 1st of November...

How times flies. Its gonna be study week soon. Exams weeks will soon follow, but there is a difference; its the last exam I will take here in college \o/

I've finished the report that's need to be hand in tomorrow. One local makcik tried to riled me up by saying no one goes for meeting anymore at this time. What she doesn't know was that she had infected my flash drive with a virus earlier =_=

Makciks will always be a makciks.

My Yahoo! Messenger has failed lately. There's not many people using GTalk, and Messenger is unavailable here in dorm. There have been cases here, where when 1 person is unable to use Y!M, are able to use it after a while, only to have another person to be rendered unable to use it.

Apparently 2 friends who were unable to log in into Y!M are able to do so now. Problem is I'm the current victim now.

Was craving for burgers so I asked my friend, Pizza(yes, a pizza) to follow me. It was already pass 7p.m. and looked dark, but what the heck, a burger was waiting!

Burger in dustbin
I took a picture, after I devoured the burger and toast it into the dustbin.

It seems that not having her roomate around(both our roomate hail from Teregganu, and is back there now) has some serious effect on her. For one she is more sensitive to people. The next one, she made 1 terrible typo that was impossible to be declared a typo. It was more like her subconcious taking over for awhile.

I was on the floor laughing at such mistake. I'll show you what the mistake was, but you're gonna have to ask for her permission first.

Pity her. LOL!

Ah well, better get some rest, for tomorrow's last presentation XD

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