Oct 30, 2008


Longtime no see.

I'm using the older template that I had used once. My roommate and several other makcik(aunties) claims that the old template I used was not suitable for my blog.

Due to that, I decided to revert back to the old template that did no wrong with me. I personally like this template. Here hoping I won't get bored too fast with it.

On another note, yet again I keep forgetting to meet my supervisor. He asked me last week if I'll be around this week. Well, yes, I'm around in  campus. More closely in my room though. There's a problem with me;I'm lazy and forgetful. I keep forgetting to meet him for discussion. His problem is that he does not care what I do.

Lazy and carefree people should stay away from each other.

The weather has been hot. Very hot. In fact, so hot that I find my collection of ice cubes in the freezer keep on going missing. I have no idea who kidnapped them, though I do know that I would never find them alive anymore.

No matter how many times I refill it, it is never enough. Someone went and emptied the ice box and refuse to refill it. Making ice takes time, and the ice can't freeze soon enough for me to make anymore and accommodate heat-stricken makciks.

My roommate had advice me to stop making ice for a few days. Let the others go ice-less or refill it instead. Well, the problem is that it means I have to find my stock elsewhere, like the cafeteria.


Ugh, this is just another obstacles. I have no other choice but to endure it. Maybe I should buy some soda and put it in the freezer.

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