Oct 31, 2008

Switch-e On!

It's time to rumble!

My roommate is not here anymore. I mean right now. She went back home. That is at least 6 hours from here by car. My home only need 3 hours yet I'm stuck here in college.


Anyway, not having her around means one thing; work! Yesyes, not having my roommate around actually makes Reiki productive and ready to complete assignments. I'm currently taking a break from writing my report that needs to be finished on Sunday, for finalization.

No, I do not know who cursed me to become lazy when people are around. God knows that I spend 90% of my life sleeping. So why oh why do I suddenly become hardworking when I'm totally alone in my room?

It is a paradox very few comprehend, including yours truly.

Eh, planning to go back-la after my last presentation. Yes, I still have some work left. Grrr. I want to send some stuff back, cause I'm afraid everything won't fit in the car. I know my stomach can fit lots of food but I don't think the car can perform the same tricks.

Argh, my eyes hurts. I spent too much time doing the report, need to take a proper break.

You know, it wasn't so bad when I was playing The Sims 2, from evening till early morning. I wonder why the differences...?

Yet another incomprehensible paradox.

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Sam said...

Liar. Reiki is probably being very nauuuuuughty while the roommate's not around. :P

Reiki said...

Nuuuuuuuuuu~ I am telling da truth, and nothing but the truth T_T

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