Oct 29, 2008

Simple Desire

What is that you desire?

I am what I am. They say women have 9 desires, as oppose to men, who only have 1. I, on the other hand, have only 3.

4 for Sleep
Without a doubt I spend my time sleeping most of the time. This attributes to my forgetfulness and weight gain. Yesyes sleep too much is bad, unhealthy etc, but for an unproductive kid like me who has nothing better to do, no games to play, no work that can be done, sleep is the only thing I can do.


I also take short nap in-between computer session, because the web page loads so slow, I went from bed to chair and again till it finish loading.

3 for Food
Ahh, theres nothing better than to indulge yourself with good food. I can eat fish & chips and a small bucket of Baskin Robin and stil have room for another fish & chips. Most of my firend influence me to do something by using food as rewards or bait.


I think most people know that I like food. A friend tried to induce my group to go on a picnic by claiming he will give me 7 pieces of BBQ chicken instead of 4, with a large pack of Twisties to boot.

Am I drooling?!

Sadly, we didn't go because my friends had assignements that they needed to hand in asap.

...Me? I overslept till afternoon of course.

2 for Assorted Variety
Here goes games, lack of attention, ignorance, forgetfullness and what not. Yeah, game seems more likely, but I do have other desires, so I just lump them all together.

I spend a lot of time playing games now, like Diablo II and Warcraft III. Now that Sims 2 is working again, I have found myself not having a single shred of life left of me.

Life is much more simpler with 3 instead of 9, but give more variations than 1. Eat, sleep and play hard!


funna said...

huh kne rasuah ng makanan sket mule la nk lupe diri tu..haha.. =p

Reiki said...

Oit, berani ko. Mana ada lupa diri; makanan tu kan utk diri sendiri? XDXD

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