Oct 28, 2008

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I Am Free! For now.

Yes yes, it's been a while. You know the usual drill; its either I'm too busy with assignments or that I'm too busy goofing off.

After finishing my final year project and doing my oral presentation, there is only 1 work left, which does not bother me much. I mean, if there were any assignments that were important to me, you'll see Reiki become the honor student.

So let's compress everything that had happen and remembered.


Waiting for the End
Been watching trailers all the upcoming games. I can't wait for Diablo III, so I'm replaying Diablo II. I've played the game before, but that was before LOD came out. Also, I never got the chance to finish the game, because of my brother. Just because he had finished the game doesn't mean I have! He straight away went and uninstall the game! Arghargharghargh....

Diablo II

So this time I'm using an Assassin instead. I was getting impatient so I straight away went and use a character editor to bypass all those leveling and item hunting to create an uber character that can easily go sightseeing in Hell.

It felt good...


Epic Fantasy
There's something wrong with my Warcraft III; it refused to uninstall itself. Since I'm bored I downloaded a few custom maps to play. The one I'm currently playing is the Final Fantasy Epic RPG map, version I like playing RPGs, so I like this too! My only problem is the fact that the normal save/load mechanics are broken.

Epic Final Fantasy RPG Map

The only way to save/load is to use a script. Problem is it only save the items your hero has in his/her inventory, not in, say, his/her home/base. This is quite a bummer since theres so many items that you'll probably want  to have, like potions, just like in any other RPG game.


Eureka! It worked!
For a long time I had tried and tried to get Sims 2 to work on my pc. I used to have it, but I unisntalled it due to space issue. Now I want to play it again. Unfortunately, everytime I tried running it, my pc will reboot itself.


This went on for more than a year; I'll find myself having the urge to play and tries to install and run it, only to have my pc reboot yet again. The cycle continues, until recently.

Had wanted to play it before my presentation, but I didn't want to risk losing all my work on my hard drives, so I didn't pursue the idea. But I just tried it yesterday, and Eureka! It work! It work! I can finally play The Sims 2!!

So went and play and play till morning. My roomate who couldn't sleep even asked when am I going to stop playing.

Sorry rumet!


It's On Fire!!!
Oh hey, PortableApps.com just released Frets on Fire! w00t! I've played Guitar Hero III for the Xbox360, and only manage to win it on normal difficullity. It's too bad that I played using the controller, since the guitar was expensive, but it beats playing on a computer keyboard!

Frets on Fire portable

I blame my keyboard for my suckiness with FoF.

Speaking of keyboard, I bought a new wireless one. Since I still can't save enough to buy a new pc, I'll contend myself by just buying a wireless keyboard and mouse.


General Food
Yum! Right after the presentation, I found myself indulging in one of my favorite pastime; Foooodddd~ There were quite a lot, like pizzas, spaghetti, fried chicken, noodles etc. I'll post pictures, unfortunately I was too busy eating that I forgot to take any pics. Heres a few;

Suffed Crust Pizza and Half Calamari Ring Pizza Hut Table 01 Pizza Hut Table 02 Frets on Fire portable


Yeah, most of the post involves games and food. Well, thats just the way I am. I'll talk about that later in my next post, because I'm sure most people don't read till the last post.

See you again~

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