Sep 20, 2008

Sleeping Beast

Status: Sleepy...

Wow, amazing. I am actually doing my report when my roommate report is not around o_O Erh let see, I typed my report till 4a.m. in the morning, then went ahead and sleep till 2p.m. Wow, 10 hours of sleep o_O


I manage to persuade my supervisor to extend the date to hand in my report. Unfortunately, it still does not help; I have more than 3 projects and assignment due.

Not good.

I found out that a lot of people are keeping pets at the hostel. I found 2 little kittens who are 'mesra rakyat' (read: friendly) to people, proves that they are used to humans. Also my friends kept a few hamster and a kitten in the same house. The naughty little cat always tries to escape from the house to the hamster cage.

What do you think it was trying to do?

Next is food. During fasting month, I usually sahur early, to avoid missing eating at all. One time I wanted to eat rice with chicken soup, but it was out of stock. So resorted to eat chicken chop instead.

Chicken chop for sahur

Doesn't it look simply delicous? I should also mention that after few days I went ahead and ordered fish and chips for sahur. It was also good. Sometimes my friend will ajak(invite) me to go mapley aka mamaks. It should be noted that I'm the one who have to drive. I can't always go out for mamaks, cause then I'll order cheese naan with tandoori chicken. It almost cost me RM6. Ouch.

Today is Saturday. Most of the cafe are closed. I wonder where and what I should today. Not really looking forward, but then, who could resist food? Not me, thats for sure.

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