Sep 22, 2008


Back to class.

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Ahhh, Mondays. How you tore me apart like tearing the Nintendo DS apart due to aggressiveness. Sometimes I like you, because I can look forward to a new week, working day week. Sometimes I just freaking loathe you; I want to continue my Sunday nap.

Feeling super tired. Was supposed to have a seminar or presentation today, but I went to my supervisor and told him that my work is not finished yet. So he gave me till Thursday to finish it up.

Oh wait, I haven't finish my report yet. So back to my room I went. Making changes to my draft, printing and binding it. I wasted more than 10 papers cause I accidentally print the wrong documents T^T

Waste money only...

RUshrushrush to the office, but I pHaiLed; He was not in his room. So I just put my report into the pigeon hole. Hopefully that counts as before 5...

Then went back to my room. Ugh, so tired. The food queue was darn long. Also I took some chicken dish cause I though my favorite fish dish was not around. Slap my forehead later. What the heck, just take the chicken and the fish.

Case solved~

Then sleepsleepsleep till its time to break fast. feel rejuvenate drinking mango juice. Whew~ then after finish eating, praying yadayada, go to sleep. Until I woke up and wrote this post. The End~

Ugh... I want to continue sleeping...

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