Aug 13, 2008

Random Update: Cause I'm Bored

I guess I'm not normal.

Yeah, I manage to finish my Progress Report I, even though it past due date =__= Anyway, nothing much to say. I say, things have gone so slow with nothing new happening. No disaster, no emergency, nothing.

Well, it doesn't help that I forgot what happen most of the time.

Let see, I find myself turning more rough in my speaking. My friend says that they're scared of getting feedback from me, as I give extreme or sarcastic remark back at them. Like saying I refuse to pick up my friend from the bus station.


Gah, so bored. I want to go back home but there no vacation long enough to make it meaningful. I don't want to go back home on weekends, where my brother is at home.

Nuuuuuu, I don't want to see him. He'll make my life miserable... T_T

The only thing that's not going well is the internet. It's so darn slow, I got automatically kick out of the online banking page while trying to log-in due to the slowness. I didn't even manage to check my account balance =__=

On another note, I went ahead and bough both Rapidshare and Megaupload account. Its quite useless since I don't dowload from both site much. MU uses Flash on their log-in page, which refuse to load, due to the clogged internet pipe here =__=

Just ordered a new keyboard and mouse from the net. Like I said, due to the slowness of the internet, I had to resort to mobile banking to transfer the money(weather too hot). After I finish sending the order with paid money and proof of transaction, only then did the online banking page load.

Gah, the net ish so slow, I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to get a refund. Sadly I'm treated as a student, and not a customer. Typical Malaysian...


Ching Ling said...

Lol. U can alwis come bak dis 2 weekend. I'm home... hehe...

WAhhh!! U say ur bro ur life miserable?? Heh?? Why pula?? Bully ur bro laaa XP

Reiki said...

Aiya, cannot bully, hes bigger than me T_T *whimper*

Lol, but I have to drive, so lazy...

Ching Ling said...

Come bak laaa Reiki... i wan huggg

Reiki said...

Aiya, go ask hugz from sheepy. Shes back home rite?

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