Aug 25, 2008

And Then, the Fair End

Ask to wind again...

ConvoFair has finished~ My IM status can be change from 'ConvoFoodPlan' to something more normal, like 'Mission LazyTreazy'.

ConvoFair Together

Alright, I'm sure other people has a more memorable moment about the fair, so searh around for their blog instead. Me? Well, you know me; I'm only there for the food.

ConvoFair Restaurant

I manage to eat A&W 2 times XD I also ate Pizza Hut and Ayamas, the later left me unsatisfied, not because it wasn't good, but because it was good yet I couldn't manage a 2nd serving; the queue was far too long.


Ehh, afterward theres nothing else of interest. I visit a booth run by my coursemate and just linger around, cause I was just too free. Well, I did manage to buy a new external harddisk from them, even though I already have one.

Darn, I wish was I rich, then I can buy more things that I don't need.

ConvoFair Afternoon Walk

Err, let see, I went around and bought some small stuff, that cost a lot =__= Seriously, prices are going up everyhwhere, and to make sure the world is in a stable state, my money in the bank is getting thinner and thinner.

Is this what you call a fair world?

Anyway, on the last day, a local artist, M. Nasir came. I stayed with my friend listening to him, but then my leg insists that I go back to my room put it to rest, so thats what I did. On the way back(more walking, argh), I could hear him sing the one song ogf his that I listen to, but still fail to remember what the title is.

And I though I could leave with no regrets. Darn it...

*edit*Moar pictures~

ConvoFair Night crowd

My Ayamas Experience

ConvoFair Carbonara

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funna said...

yes2!haha.. =p kne pakse ltk gambo..nway,mmg btol pn ko only went there for foods..riso tol aku ng amukan ko kalo x dpt mknn..haha..xpe can..pasni dh xde dh convo fair..huhu..

Reiki said...

Yeshyesh, I am scarry whe I failed to get my food. Don't come between a hunter and its prey...

Don't play2 ah~

Funna said...

nmpk sedap ar plk spageti yg ko ckp x sdap tu..di bln2 pose ni..isk3

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