Jul 6, 2008

Northen Taste

The tongue is a powerful weapon...

Manage to get my parent to go to Berjaya Time Square with me. It was a rocky start though, with me stuck in the toilet for who knows how long. Mom will always take th opportunity to try new/outside food. Dad just want to save his wallet.

Before going to Borders, we stop by to get lunch first. It's been such a long time since I ate at Rasa Utara; ah, the memories of refusing to eat your rice. Darn the food was delicious! Eventhough it was not on the menu, I manage to get bihun ladna as my lunch X9 Lil bro ordered Nasi Briyani, mom ordered Special Fried Rice, while dad just ordered satays. I also ordered sup ekor, cause it's been years since I had one.


Dammit! These food are incredible! They are jst simply delicious! XDXD I liked my bihun, but mom's fried rice was great! And the sup ekor! It's the taste I always love! XDXD I am so gonna come here again and choose fried rice next time! XDXD


Dang, my droll is dropping, even though I just had dinner.

*goes to get cup noodles*


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