Jul 19, 2008

Final Frontier

Or something similar to that...

Anyway, after a few silences, I am officially back in university. Again, before going back, big brother had another idea, albeit, the same way as last month; Domino's Pizza again!!!

Unfortunately, I was too busy eating that I forgot to take pictures again. It was too late. So go to my previous post for pictures.

*Ahem!* Dang, I came back to uni so early (Thursday), and yet I still didn't do anything different; I just slept the whole day. Thankfully, the days has been merciful, with my room temperature staying in the 'nice-to-sleep-in' condition.

Peaceful sleep

It's almost time to go back to class. Oh how annoying. I don't like to study, but I don't like working so much either. But dang, I don't have any other option to get any money.

Alright, my hope for my final semester is to at least be able to graduate right on schedule.

Good luck to everyone!


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