Jul 24, 2008


I'm in despair!


Bah! Just what is wrong with this university? Or, oh heck, my own life. I came late to a very packed class so I had to carry a chair from another. When seated, the lecturer came and announce that we're gonna shift class. Dang. Oh well, at least the class was only 1 hour instead of 2.

Next came the faculty staff. Today is my 2nd attempt in trying to retrieve my parcel sent by my parents. My first attempt was foiled because the counter was left unattended, even though the door was not locked and it was not lunch hour yet. Also, the list of received parcel left ion the counter was rendered useless, because they opt to only list the track number of the package, instead of the easier to recognized description called 'receiver's name'. My dad forgot where he place the track number, so I the list was no help. The lack of staff doesn't help.

And how was my second attempt? Well, this time the staff was there, but he non-chalantly shoved the 'Close' signboard at my face. There's a problem he says. What problem? Ran out of paper? The computer is out of juice? Gah! And he ask me to come in the afternoon.

Boiling.... Grrrrrr...

The staff has a ridiculous long luch hour (12-2.30pm), and sometimes they go missing before 12. Also, the only time students can pick their parcels is at 10am-12noon and 3.00pm to 4.30pm. This is a university; students like me have classes during that time.

Failed bird

Next is my class. Because the uni lack staff, they have to import from other universities. Now these lecturers already have their own classes to teach, and their nest are located on some other place that can be categorized as far. So only time slot that works for them is in the evening. Just like last time, I'm seeing a huge time gap between classes. With Ramadhan coming, students gotta rush back fast to flock the cafeteria.

War is inevitable... LOL

Another thing, I may have to drop one of my subject, not because its boring, dangerous, hard or anything like that, but because I was the only student in the class, and only 3 students registered for it. Something is seriously wrong with the university. They suddenly change the couse outline of our studies without prior notice, and no reason was given as to why we should take more minor than major. Are they trying to secretly convert the ICT and BIS programmes into management prgrammes? Why? Cause we suck or something?

Empty classroom

Also, I find that these early week, more students are mimicking me; coming to the library not for study purpose, but to do other things, like checking their Friendster update, reading mangas etc. This is not good! 1 slacking Reikis has no effect on the society, but the whole system will fail if more slackers are running loose on campus!

Not to mention all the workstation were fulled and I could not go and download my anime. *sob!*

Seriously, I need to find an outlet and blow off some steam. Lots of 'em. But I can't I need to focus on my project, or else I won't be able to graduate. Argh, think I'll just continue sleeping till its time to pick up the parcel.


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