Jun 24, 2008

Someone is Bored

Tickets to nowhere.

Okay, I'm bored. I want to play games, but there's no new or exciting games around. I want to continue with my RPG Maker XP, but my mapping and story telling skills sucks. Big time.

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Okay, to appease my boredom and uselessness, let's make a blog post. Yuppers, today ain't about me, it's about DemoXP, the project I'm doing during my free time~

The game is titled DemoXP, mainly because I'm not serous in doing it. XP because I'm using RPG Maker XP. I took a random character, Figther-08, as the main characters, open the random name generator and pick the name Corrine for her. The story is very simple, and appears in many other stories you've probably seen before.Corrine here is a student at some academy in another country. It's semester break and Corrine's father told her to come back home to spend her free time. When she gets there, she finds her house empty; her father left a note saying sorry, he couldn't come home yet. Too busy.

Corrines doesn't feel heartbroken; she just feels bored. What a girl gonna do? Sit around the house doing nothing for month? No thank you. A bored Corrine exit the house, wanting to find something to make her life not-so-bored anymore.

This might be the starting of something awful.

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Erm, yeah, so thats the gist of it. I'm still trying to think up anything else that I can throw inside. My first priority is to think up better dialogs for the NPC's; they are oh so hard and cliche.

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Ah well, looks like its back to the drawing board. I keep forgetting all those important stories that I jst made up a few hours ago. Wheres the notepad when you need it?

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