Jun 30, 2008

In Your Footsteps

Patience is a virtue...

But not when your 1p.m. outing turned into a 7.30p.m. one. Kahkah. A friend of mine (whom still haven't been nicknamed, and thus will be using Vivi temporarily) wanted to attend a career fair, but she didn't have any suitable shoes to wear. So she asked me to teman her. The problem starts when I tried to ask another friend, Tori-chan to follow.

Tori-chan is only free after 3p.m. Okay, fine. We will wait. But then she informed us that she still can't come. Wait till 5p.m. Clock still ticking. Still no sign of Tori-chan. She gave me an estimate of the time she will arrive; between 6 to 7p.m.

Oh gawd.

It's already almost 7p.m. Dad asked me to go and pick little brother. My older brother, who was supposed to do the task, was snoring loudly in his room. *shakes fist* After finishing the small errand, I went and pick Vivi up. We drop by Tori-chan's house, but she is still not there yet. Fortunately she still manage to arrive.

It was already past 7p.m. Father called;
Dad: Have you reeached the shopping mall yet?
Me: No, not yet.
Dad: Laaaa, why? It's already been 30 minutes.
Me: *sweats*Erm, there was a technical problem so...

Ahaha. But we did manage to go to the mall. Vivi did manage to find the shoe she like. But the discount is only valid if you have a Bonuslink card. *crash* Vivi called her dad send the card to her. When we came to take the shoue, the clerk ask if we went back home to get it.

No, we are not THAT desperate for a 30% discount.

Viv also bought some makeup. I have no idea how to use those stuff so I just left the two of them there. After visiting the pharmacy we went for, get ready, donuts! XDXD

Big Apple Donuts

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures. I went and eat the donuts on Friday and Sunday, and I still forgot about it >_< Oh, but my friend Ching took some pictures of the donuts.

Ah well, after eating the donuts we went back home; I arrived at home at 11p.m. Mom was ready to grill me, but I gave her the donuts as offering, and all is forgiven and everyone ate happily ever after...

The next day, the mischief continues...

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