Jun 3, 2008

Hello Baby

Introducing the next generation...

Say hello to baby, my little niece, big bro's first child and daughter, baby Idlyana SofiyahIrdina Sofia(aka Baby Dina)~

Baby niece

... Actually, I don't really remember her name. Also bro haven't registered her name yet so...

I'm off the hooked!

Oh yeah, I am finally able to use the internet back. Took a while; why can't streamyx hotline understand that the modem is faulty, not the computer? Grrr.

Good timing for semester break, I get to see my lil niece. Ergh, I'm an auntie now. No good. When she starts talking I'ma gonna teach her to call me big sis instead of auntie.

She was born in a government hospital, so we had to be patience to finally be able to see her. We came at about 3.00p.m. We though she was gonna come out at night, so we went back first. On the way near the toll bro called said the baby was out! It was about 5.45pm. So we went back home, pick dad up and then straight away wet back to the hospital.

But we were only allowed to see her at 7.30pm...

Oh gawd, why are we tortured so?!?!

Needless to say, only me, mom, big bro and his mother-in-law gets to see the baby. The rest was missing in action (read: eating fish & chips). The little baby was sounds asleep. Kawaai~ We went again the next day, and prodded her to open her eyes. And she did! Yay~ So spend some time at the hospital looking admiring the little bundle of joy. Big bro says she is a very strong girls, since she didn't cry when the doctors injected BCG to her.

She is big bro's daughter after all. Huhu.

Well, thats all for now. I'm kinda in the holiday(read: lazy) mood right, and want my time rolling(sleeping) around the place.


serena said...

UWAAAAAA! She looks absolutely adorable, Reiki! XD Congrats to your family. ^0^

Reiki said...

Huhu, thanks sheepy XD

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