Jun 30, 2008

Domino Effect

From nothing to something.

Baby Dina ish not here~ She's at her grandmother's house. Waah, I miss baby Dina already...


Ah well, big bro was feeling bored so he ransacked lil bro's room. He found the Domino Pizza pamphlet and immediately got hungry. *groan* There was a discount when you buy 3 regular size pizza, but mom manage to convince us that 3 regulars are not enough. So we went and order 2 large and 2 regulars.

Mothers are the no.1 source of cholesterol.

Stacked Domino Pizza

Dang, 4 was alot! Unfortunately I didn't manage to enjoy Classified Chicken fully. That's my current favorite pizza now X9. Wish I can eat more; I miss it already...

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