Jun 11, 2008

The Cake of My Life

To think I've finally found it...

I came.I saw.I ate it.

Everyone, I have finally found the one thing I've been searching the most! After the astounding discovery of the white chocolate ice-cream at Lecca-lecca in 1Utama, me and my faithful slavescomrades have been searching for more white chocolate, be it cookies, ice-creams or cake.

White Chocolate Cake
Dear God, I've found the white chocolate cake!!!

This lil beauty was found at Secret Recipe, situated inside Subang Parade. Mom ate a small Mocha(or maybe it was espresso?) Cheese cake, while I ate White Chocolate Macadamia, which was way smaller than mine. Also, how come mine was resting on its side? It's like its ready to be eaten, or it lost it's will to live, or something...

Ahhh, who cares, I love white chocolate!



chicz said...

cake sangattttt sedap. tergoda~
i'm linking your blog to mine, ohkay? mwahks

Reiki said...

Sedap kan? Huhu Sila-lah link XD

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