Jun 30, 2008

Domino Effect

From nothing to something.

Baby Dina ish not here~ She's at her grandmother's house. Waah, I miss baby Dina already...


Ah well, big bro was feeling bored so he ransacked lil bro's room. He found the Domino Pizza pamphlet and immediately got hungry. *groan* There was a discount when you buy 3 regular size pizza, but mom manage to convince us that 3 regulars are not enough. So we went and order 2 large and 2 regulars.

Mothers are the no.1 source of cholesterol.

Stacked Domino Pizza

Dang, 4 was alot! Unfortunately I didn't manage to enjoy Classified Chicken fully. That's my current favorite pizza now X9. Wish I can eat more; I miss it already...

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In Your Footsteps

Patience is a virtue...

But not when your 1p.m. outing turned into a 7.30p.m. one. Kahkah. A friend of mine (whom still haven't been nicknamed, and thus will be using Vivi temporarily) wanted to attend a career fair, but she didn't have any suitable shoes to wear. So she asked me to teman her. The problem starts when I tried to ask another friend, Tori-chan to follow.

Tori-chan is only free after 3p.m. Okay, fine. We will wait. But then she informed us that she still can't come. Wait till 5p.m. Clock still ticking. Still no sign of Tori-chan. She gave me an estimate of the time she will arrive; between 6 to 7p.m.

Oh gawd.

It's already almost 7p.m. Dad asked me to go and pick little brother. My older brother, who was supposed to do the task, was snoring loudly in his room. *shakes fist* After finishing the small errand, I went and pick Vivi up. We drop by Tori-chan's house, but she is still not there yet. Fortunately she still manage to arrive.

It was already past 7p.m. Father called;
Dad: Have you reeached the shopping mall yet?
Me: No, not yet.
Dad: Laaaa, why? It's already been 30 minutes.
Me: *sweats*Erm, there was a technical problem so...

Ahaha. But we did manage to go to the mall. Vivi did manage to find the shoe she like. But the discount is only valid if you have a Bonuslink card. *crash* Vivi called her dad send the card to her. When we came to take the shoue, the clerk ask if we went back home to get it.

No, we are not THAT desperate for a 30% discount.

Viv also bought some makeup. I have no idea how to use those stuff so I just left the two of them there. After visiting the pharmacy we went for, get ready, donuts! XDXD

Big Apple Donuts

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures. I went and eat the donuts on Friday and Sunday, and I still forgot about it >_< Oh, but my friend Ching took some pictures of the donuts.

Ah well, after eating the donuts we went back home; I arrived at home at 11p.m. Mom was ready to grill me, but I gave her the donuts as offering, and all is forgiven and everyone ate happily ever after...

The next day, the mischief continues...

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Jun 24, 2008

Someone is Bored

Tickets to nowhere.

Okay, I'm bored. I want to play games, but there's no new or exciting games around. I want to continue with my RPG Maker XP, but my mapping and story telling skills sucks. Big time.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, to appease my boredom and uselessness, let's make a blog post. Yuppers, today ain't about me, it's about DemoXP, the project I'm doing during my free time~

The game is titled DemoXP, mainly because I'm not serous in doing it. XP because I'm using RPG Maker XP. I took a random character, Figther-08, as the main characters, open the random name generator and pick the name Corrine for her. The story is very simple, and appears in many other stories you've probably seen before.Corrine here is a student at some academy in another country. It's semester break and Corrine's father told her to come back home to spend her free time. When she gets there, she finds her house empty; her father left a note saying sorry, he couldn't come home yet. Too busy.

Corrines doesn't feel heartbroken; she just feels bored. What a girl gonna do? Sit around the house doing nothing for month? No thank you. A bored Corrine exit the house, wanting to find something to make her life not-so-bored anymore.

This might be the starting of something awful.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Erm, yeah, so thats the gist of it. I'm still trying to think up anything else that I can throw inside. My first priority is to think up better dialogs for the NPC's; they are oh so hard and cliche.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ah well, looks like its back to the drawing board. I keep forgetting all those important stories that I jst made up a few hours ago. Wheres the notepad when you need it?

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Jun 23, 2008

A Demo in the Making

When the power of creation is in your hand...

game,rpg,rpg maker,rpg maker xp

Took a little break from playing games; I've been busy playing with RPG Maker XP. Not the latest version, VX, but XP has been around, so there's plenty of resource for it ^^. I still haven't finish playing Blue Dragon, eversince the King Poo pawned me the other day.

Demmit! How can a poo be so strong?!?! This just shows the importance of healthy diet!

*AHEM!* So anyway, let's talk a bit about RPG Maker XP. Its a program that allows people like me and you to develop RPGs, since its very easy to use and is also flexible. The built-in tools and resource(character sprite, animations, tileset etc) are enough for beginners to use, but if you yearn for more, just scourge around the net for extra resources. You can create events to make... well, events of course. This how you make stuff like advancing the story, meeting NPCs, getting treasure chest and many more.

game,rpg maker,rpg,rpg maker xp

game,rpg,rpg maker,rpg maker xp

Also, if you feeling a bit adventurous, you can always go ahead and totally mess around with the scripts and codes of the game; You can create a totally different game with it! You can create a new battle system, custom menu and many others. You can either go and grab scripts made by other RPG Maker user, or, heck, make your own one! XD

rpg maker xp

Heheh, I'm having fun playing around with it. I'm not seriously trying to make a game though; I'm just looking for an outlet(read: excuse) not to do my Final Year project, which is very important but also very troublesome. That's why my game is titled DemoXP. I haven't though about the story, just putting down anything that comes to mind.

I'm currently searching through many scripts archive for interesting scripts to be implemented before I continue to create DemoXp world. Why dodn't I just make my own? Think about the time! The work and effort! The sweat and tears! I should spend all those on my FYP, not DemoXP!

Well, I'll continue playing with this during my free time. On another note, I have been looking with an interest to online gaming, again. After leaving Ragnarok Online a long time aga after it wen tPay2Play, I found a few of my friends are currently playing those MMOs. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, and wanna play those games, even if its Pay2Play.

Problem is I'm gonna go back to college in July, where I could never log in and play. Hopefully, I'll have time to play when I graduate.

What about work? Well, thats another story.

For the time, being, I'm gonna go and make a story inside the game. For those with free time and has dark secret to dominate the world, please, go and try out RPG Maker. It's really fun! XD

If only I could put more effort in learning the scripting language used in here...

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Jun 17, 2008


The forgotten hero...

Download Day 2008

Come here you lil cutie...

I've totally forgotten about it. Theres so many new features in it, but the most important thing is the memory usage!

Firefox 2 memory usage

Now, my only problem is that I need to clean up my bookmarks; Its a total mess!!!

Jun 11, 2008

The Cake of My Life

To think I've finally found it...

I came.I saw.I ate it.

Everyone, I have finally found the one thing I've been searching the most! After the astounding discovery of the white chocolate ice-cream at Lecca-lecca in 1Utama, me and my faithful slavescomrades have been searching for more white chocolate, be it cookies, ice-creams or cake.

White Chocolate Cake
Dear God, I've found the white chocolate cake!!!

This lil beauty was found at Secret Recipe, situated inside Subang Parade. Mom ate a small Mocha(or maybe it was espresso?) Cheese cake, while I ate White Chocolate Macadamia, which was way smaller than mine. Also, how come mine was resting on its side? It's like its ready to be eaten, or it lost it's will to live, or something...

Ahhh, who cares, I love white chocolate!


Jun 4, 2008

I Wish On A Digsby

I'm digging it!Digsby Skin. Image not mine

Anyway, if you're a Digsby user and wants more features on it, hop on to The Digsby Wishlist and cast your votes. Note that there are no guarantees that features will find its way into future releases, but hey, its a wish, right?

My vote goes to anything related to the emoticons and nudges. Oh and support for add-ons and plug-ins. That'll be great! XDXD

All hail Digsby~

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Jun 3, 2008

Hello Baby

Introducing the next generation...

Say hello to baby, my little niece, big bro's first child and daughter, baby Idlyana SofiyahIrdina Sofia(aka Baby Dina)~

Baby niece

... Actually, I don't really remember her name. Also bro haven't registered her name yet so...

I'm off the hooked!

Oh yeah, I am finally able to use the internet back. Took a while; why can't streamyx hotline understand that the modem is faulty, not the computer? Grrr.

Good timing for semester break, I get to see my lil niece. Ergh, I'm an auntie now. No good. When she starts talking I'ma gonna teach her to call me big sis instead of auntie.

She was born in a government hospital, so we had to be patience to finally be able to see her. We came at about 3.00p.m. We though she was gonna come out at night, so we went back first. On the way near the toll bro called said the baby was out! It was about 5.45pm. So we went back home, pick dad up and then straight away wet back to the hospital.

But we were only allowed to see her at 7.30pm...

Oh gawd, why are we tortured so?!?!

Needless to say, only me, mom, big bro and his mother-in-law gets to see the baby. The rest was missing in action (read: eating fish & chips). The little baby was sounds asleep. Kawaai~ We went again the next day, and prodded her to open her eyes. And she did! Yay~ So spend some time at the hospital looking admiring the little bundle of joy. Big bro says she is a very strong girls, since she didn't cry when the doctors injected BCG to her.

She is big bro's daughter after all. Huhu.

Well, thats all for now. I'm kinda in the holiday(read: lazy) mood right, and want my time rolling(sleeping) around the place.